FOOD SUPPLY RESET: Will bird flu become the next fake pandemic that’s used to wipe out out animal agriculture?

Organic Consumers Association (OCA) political director Alexis Baden-Mayer wrote an article recently that makes a strong case for the forced “reset” of the existing food system via a human bird flu “pandemic.”

Now that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is out of most people’s minds, the next staged illness hoax appears to be avian influenza, the predominant response to which seems to be the mass slaughter of birds.

It is probable that there will eventually be a bird flu “vaccine” that gets unveiled to “treat” infected birds as well as humans, but until such a drug gets released, the world can expect to see a lot of bird slaughter in the coming months.

The birds being killed include chickens that Americans rely on for eggs and meat. Combined with inflation and persistent supply chain problems, the mass slaughter of chickens alone will send shockwaves through the food supply that will predicate what Baden-Mayer expects will result in a food system reset.

“If the bird flu were to suddenly be transmissible from person to person, there would be every reason to suspect gain-of-function bioweapons research,” Baden-Mayer writes. “But, all the hype about whether the bird flu will become a human pandemic might just be a distraction.”

“There are certainly pharmaceutical companies that would benefit from a human bird flu pandemic but the industry might make even more money ‘preventing’ a human pandemic by vaccinating farm animals, especially the world’s 33 billion chickens.”

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Engineered famine

Since 2022, the United States government has slaughtered an astounding 85.87 million birds that were supposedly infected with bird flu. Not only is this response cruel, but it is also senseless, driving up food prices even further while damaging food quality.

“We’re going to be told that the only alternative to mass killings is vaccination – and probably only risky experimental mRNA shots, at that – but animal welfare advocates, regenerative organic farmers and vaccine safety experts know better,” Baden-Mayer writes.

“Would the pharmaceutical companies be willing to create a full-blown food crisis for the opportunity to vaccinate 33 billion chickens? Probably, but there are plenty of bad actors who would see opportunities in a food crisis.”

For all the consolidation that has occurred in the food industry over the past century, there are still many independent farmers whose businesses would be wrecked by an engineered bird flu “pandemic,” just like many other small businesses were lost as a result of the COVID “pandemic.”

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“The biggest meat companies would love to consolidate their control of the food system by getting rid of the last remaining independent family farmers,” Baden-Mayer adds. “The World Economic Forum, the billionaires and the biotech companies would love to replace real farms with fake food.”

“These same globalists are always looking for new reasons why countries should give up their national sovereignty over public health policy to the World Health Organisation.”

Basically, everything that the powers that be failed to accomplish during COVID they plan to finish up with the next one, whether it be SARS, bird flu, monkeypox or something else.

“Only time will tell,” Baden-Mayer says.

“They might just want to pick up where their vaccine passport idea left off, and use digital IDs to ration food as Iran has done, and then replace the dollar with a Central Bank Digital Currency that functions as a social credit system … Only time will tell. We must protect the world we love in the meantime. While you still can, buy your food directly from local family farms in cash!”

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