WHO official admits vaccine passports were a scam to advance a global vaccination agenda

In explosive new testimony, a top public health official broke rank with her colleagues at the World Health Organization (WHO). Dr. Hanna Nohynek, chief physician at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and the WHO’s chair of the Strategic Group of Experts on Immunization, admitted in a Finnish courtroom that the WHO knew COVID-19 vaccines were ineffective back in the summer of 2021. Back then, Nohynek advised WHO that the vaccine passports were unnecessary. She said that the WHO used the threat of vaccine passports to pressure the public to take the experimental injections, even though they knew the shots didn’t stop transmission of COVID-19.

Dr. Nohynek testified that vaccine passports were nothing more than a scam to advance a global vaccination agenda rooted in dogma and totalitarianism. This is a shocking turn of events at the WHO. Nohynek is widely regarded at the WHO and is one of Finland’s top vaccine advisors, serving on the boards of Vaccines Together and the International Vaccine Institute.

The WHO and the EU advanced totalitarian control systems that caused mass vaccine injury and segregation

By the summer of 2021, the WHO and the Finnish Institute for Health knew that the COVID-19 vaccine was completely ineffective at stopping the transmission of COVID-19. However, these institutions ignored the evidence. At the time, the WHO claims that they were working to “create an international trusted framework” for safe travel.

Nohynek persisted against the vaccine passports, calling the COVID jabs “fake” because they did not stop transmission. She said the vaccine passports and so-called vaccines gave a false sense of security, creating an artificial demand for lockdowns, restrictions and segregation.

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Dr. Nohynek’s explosive testimony came in a Helsinki courtroom. A Finnish citizen sued the government after being denied entry to a café, while being forced to furnish a vaccine certificate. Finnish citizen Mika Vauhkala did not play into the scam of COVID-19 vaccines and sued the government after being denied entry into the café. Vauhkala wrote that his lawsuit is “to defend basic rights” after he was denied breakfast at a local café. Vauhkala was routinely segregated from society due to the unlawful, discriminatory and inhumane government policies. These policies of segregation were used to coerce and terrorize private businesses into compliance.

“The constitution of Finland guarantees that any citizen should not be discriminated against based on health conditions among other things,” Vauhkala states on his website.

In July of 2021, the member states of the European Union quickly rolled out an unlawful vaccine passport system titled the EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation. Individuals who did not participate in this scam were denied entry into supermarkets and were banned from using public transport. Their medical care was threatened. Their participation in society was shuttered. The European Union then collaborated with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to turn the certificate program into a “digital ID” system. The system expanded, incorporating digital payments, while still requiring proof of vaccination status. Today, the World Health Organization is currently working on a “pandemic treaty” that gives globalists absolute power over people lives, subverting national sovereignty and enslaving people to their lies and controls.

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The scam of vaccine passports obliterated medical ethics, normalized discrimination, coerced people to become vaccine injured, segregated society and erected a biosecurity police state — propped up by money laundering and racketeering.

Vaccine passports also helped establish the WHO’s Global Digital Health Certification Network, which was founded in July 2023. The breach of human rights was also used to advance the World Economic Forum’s digital ID system. This system of totalitarian control includes vaccine passports and digital payment systems that turn people into slaves, subjugated by the unlawful edicts perpetrated by the so-called experts. This system of tyranny must be dismantled at all costs.

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