Recent Focus Groups Suggest That NO ONE Likes Kamala Harris or Wants Her to Take Over

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No one wants Kamala Harris to run for president, or to take over for Joe Biden, recent focus groups in Arizona and California have confirmed.

Who could possibly listen to that wretched laugh or listen to her incomprehensible word salads for four years.

This confirms something that the Democrats have been struggling with for months now. Harris is even less popular than Joe Biden. This is why she can’t ride in to their rescue in the 2024 election.

FOX News reports:

Focus group of voters offer ‘brutal’ take of VP Harris: Not ‘someone I want running my country’

Multiple voter focus groups in Arizona have weighed in on Vice President Harris ahead of the November election, and their responses reinforced the notion that she’s an unpopular candidate, according to a report in The Los Angeles Times.

Days after Harris spoke in Arizona on April 12, the political group “Republican Voters Against Trump” invited the outlet to view videos of interviews with three different voter focus groups: one of former Trump 2016 voters who voted for Biden in 2020, one of Black voters who are disappointed with Biden, and another of “California Democrats.”

The Times reported the crossover voters’ views, stating, “Their assessments were brutal. If she is helping Biden, you don’t see it. She rubs me the wrong way. She was picked because she is a demographic. The big things she had, she failed.”…

The other two groups, while less antagonistic towards Harris, were not complimentary of her. “In a focus group of Black voters who were disappointed with Biden, none raised their hand in support of Harris, with one participant calling her ‘the bad news bear,’” the report noted.

This woman, who does an amazing impression of Harris, imagined what an Oval Office address from her might sound like.

It’s a funny impression, but it’s still horrifying to think of Harris being in charge.

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