New evidence proves Tony Fauci LIED under oath, claiming he barely knew top coronavirus scientist Ralph Baric

A newly unearthed video – watch belowproves that the infamous Tony Fauci lied under oath when he denied previously knowing Ralph Baric and Peter Daszak, two of the top dogs involved with unleashing the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic.”

The video below from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website shows Baric telling a room full of people on June 24, 2013, about the alleged threat of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and other mutant novel coronaviruses in the years leading up to the “pandemic.”

It turns out that Fauci organized this conference at which Baric spoke, proving that Fauci lied to Congress when he tried to play dumb and act as though he never knew Baric prior to late 2019 when COVID was unleashed.

Fauci himself can be seen in the above video speaking and introducing Baric and the others. The purpose of the event, according to Fauci, was to brainstorm about how to address a future pandemic, which we now know would occur about six years after the conference.

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Fauci’s fables

Fauci also lied about knowing Peter Daszak, the British zoologist who headed up the controversial EcoHealth Alliance, which we know played a prominent role in unleashing COVID on the world.

Both Baric and Daszak worked with scientists in China, and primarily Wuhan, to develop SARS-CoV-2 using illegal gain-of-function research. In essence, they tore apart natural coronaviruses and pieced them back together artificially, creating a mutant monster virus (or so we are told).

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In his 2022 deposition, Fauci expressed “doubt” about ever knowing Barci, a microbiologist from North Carolina. Fauci said much the same about Daszak, claiming he was not even an “acquaintance.”

Now that the above video has been found and released for the world to see, Fauci’s head is back on the chopping block – or at least it should be. Not only did Fauci cross paths with Daszak in 2013, but reports indicate that he met him again in early 2014 at yet another speaking conference.

Daszak put on the second conference at which Fauci was invited to speak. He also helped to moderate it, meaning there is no way that Fauci did not know who Daszak was prior to the COVID “pandemic.”

Baric played an even more substantial role in Fauci’s life. At the July 2013 meeting Baric attended, Fauci openly spoke about wanting to remain abreast about all new potential viral threats in order to keep the funding flowing into his federal research budget.

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“Now we have a new one [disease] to put on the map for our friends [in Congress] who support us in these rather constrained times,” Fauci said in his opening address, proceeding afterwards to show the scientists in the room an actual map of how it might spread.

After finishing his opening speech, Fauci sat alone in the front row to watch Baric speak about the alleged threat of emerging new coronaviruses. Baric dominated a bulk of the day’s discussion, it turns out, which means there is no way he did not know who Baric was at the time.

“No wonder that seven years later, in February 2020, as Covid exploded out of China, Fauci would spend his extremely valuable time bringing Baric into his offices for another private meeting to discuss the new epidemic – and its possible origins,” writes Alex Berenson on his Substack about the situation.

“Under oath, Fauci claimed not to remember anything about that meeting either, though it had taken place barely two years before.”

Fauci, Baric and many other COVID co-conspirators belong in prison. Find out more at

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