Shady Climate Change Activist Group Quietly Advancing the War on Gas Stoves and Working With Prominent Democrats

Remember last year, when it was leaked that the left was trying to ban gas stoves and people like Chuck Schumer condescendingly insisted that no one is coming for your gas stove?

That was a lie. They are coming for your gas stove.

A climate change group called the ‘Gas Leaks Action Campaign’ has serious financial backing and is working with prominent liberal Democrats in the House and Senate.

FOX News reports:

Left-wing climate group with shady backing takes prominent role against gas stoves

A secretive climate activist group with significant financial backing is quietly taking on a more prominent role advocating against natural, gas-powered appliances, like stoves.

The Gas Leaks Action Campaign — which appears to have been first established in late 2021 or early 2022 — recently launched a $1 million ad campaign warning of the dangers posed by natural gas, the largest-ever effort of its kind. The group states on its website that natural gas harms the environment, pollutes the air inside homes and makes stoves “constantly at risk of explosion.”

The group has also spearheaded a campaign against the American Gas Association (AGA), the nation’s leading industry group representing natural gas providers. At a Washington, D.C. event earlier this month, Gas Leaks hosted Sens. Ed Markey, D-Mass., and Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., along with several environmental groups like the Sierra Club to blast the AGA’s lobbying activities.

“Instead of turning off the tap on fossil fuels, our country has been flooding the market with gas and, unless we do something, we are all going to drown,” said Markey, who is an original sponsor of the Green New Deal.

It’s so funny how they assured us all that this wasn’t happening, and yet, here we are.

They can’t secure our border but they’re going to save the planet by telling you what kind of stove you’re allowed to own.

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