SNL Sketch From 2015 Goes Viral – Implies Going to a Liberal College is Like Joining ISIS (VIDEO)

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Saturday Night Live has not been funny in years, but a 2015 sketch is going viral on social media for implying that going to a liberal college is like joining the ISIS terror group.

People are identifying with the sketch in light of the pro-Hamas demonstrations taking place at Columbia University, Yale, and many other elite schools.

SNL probably couldn’t even make this sketch today because it would offend too many people in their fan base.

Newsweek reports:

SNL Sketch Goes Viral Amid Columbia Protests: ‘Predicted the Future’

A 2015 Saturday Night Live sketch about ISIS has gone viral after it was posted by a Rabbi who said it “predicted the future”, and commenters have linked it to the ongoing tension at Columbia University in New York City.

Classes have been canceled at the university as a pro-Palestinian protest encampment on the campus refuses to budge, despite police arresting more than 100 people on Thursday…

In the sketch, guest host Dakota Johnson plays a student being dropped off at a bus terminal to head to college for the first time by her dad (Taran Killam). She assures him not to worry about her because some friends were coming to pick her up.

A pickup truck then rolls up behind them bearing the flags of terrorist group ISIS, and men in army fatigues wielding machine guns and bazookas riding in the back.

“Looks like your ride’s here,” Killam says, adding, “you be careful.” Johnson leans down to the window and says, “dad it’s just ISIS.”

Watch the video below:

It really is like SNL predicted the future.

It’s uncanny, isn’t it?

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