Illegal Immigrant Advocacy Group in Denver Says Six Months of Free Food and Housing Not Enough: ‘Offensive’ and ‘Slap in the Face’

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The city of Denver, Colorado is collapsing under the weight of its new population of illegal border crossers.

The mayor just cut police funding by $8 million in order to keep catering to illegals, but it’s just not enough according to one illegal immigrant advocacy group.

Apparently, six months of free housing and food is insulting. How about nothing then? Is that an option?

FOX News reports:

Denver migrant advocates say six months of free rent, food not enough: ‘A slap in the face’ and ‘offensive’

Migrants and an advocacy group in Denver decried the city’s new Asylum Seekers Program that offers six months of free housing, calling it “insufficient” and “offensive” despite the mayor cutting the city’s emergency budget to accommodate the migrant surge.

The sanctuary city has been struggling to stretch its limited resources to support the growing number of migrants making their way to Denver. More than 40,000 migrants have found their way to the city since December 2022, more per capita than any other U.S. city – at a total cost of around $68 million, the New York Post reported.

Last week, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced that his city’s migrant program would now provide what he called “a long-term, sustainable response” to address the migrant “crisis” locally. The program will offer six months of free housing, food assistance, workforce training and more to the roughly 1,000 migrants currently in the city’s shelter system as they wait for authorization to work, according to the New York Post. Due to the federal asylum seeker law, it can take up to 180 days to obtain working authorization.

It’s like we’re living in bizarro world.

You know what would solve this problem? Deporting everyone who has entered the country illegally in the last few years.

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