Things Turn Ugly at USC as Pro-Hamas Protestors Face Off with Campus Police – Outside Forces Infiltrated to Kickstart Riot (VIDEO)

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Violent, pro-Hamas protests erupted at universities across the US on Wednesday after Columbia University was shut down and forced to go online due to pro-Palestinian riots.

Chaos erupted at the University of Southern California (USC) campus on Wednesday as pro-Hamas protestors tried to set up an encampment.

According to ABC 7, outside forces infiltrated to kickstart the riot at USC.


Things turned ugly as the protestors, not all students, faced off with police.


Campus police used their batons to push back on the pro-Hamas protestors.

According to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, USC said it is closing the campus gates and restricting unauthorized visitors from entering after many of the pro-Hamas protestors do not appear to be affiliated with USC.

CBS News reported:

A Pro-Palestinian protest at University of Southern California’s Alumni Park that started Wednesday morning grew in size and intensity by the afternoon after campus police confronted the crowd and ordered the dismantling of the encampment.

Tensions grew after officers forced the protesters to take down their tents and a protester was detained.

The encampment went up at the park Wednesday morning, similar to other pro-Palestinian encampments that have been part of other college campuses across the nation.

The group issued a list of demands including university divestment from any organizations that “profit from Israeli apartheid, genocide and occupation in Palestine.”

Campus Department of Public Safety officers visited the encampment, instructed students not to hang signs, flags or other materials from trees and posts in the park, and warned them not to use megaphones.

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