Degrees Without knowledge

A fresh video in some newspapers and news channels of private university students and some other students of other institutions from NCR participating in a protest march gave enough insight into the level of knowledge about what their march is about. It is just like those farmers agitating against Farm Bills but do not know Farm Bills or the students from Jamia Milia agitating against CAA/NRC but no knowledge about these acts.
They were displaying bold placards but failed to explain the contents. Some of them even failed to explain the sentences about the protests. The particular institution and even the reason for the dissent march are irrelevant to the matter of the video, the university and the students at the same time provided mirth and laughter and ironically very sad and depressing, speaks volumes about the majority of the university students today. They have degrees and certificates but sans knowledge and awareness.
Students are highly privileged in India. Their expenses, whims and fancies are borne by their parents, college authorities and vote-hungry governments. These students wear branded clothes but don’t have wearing sense. They have expensive phones but no phone sense and communication skills. There are crores of Indian graduates, would-be graduates who do not know, the ability to think, communicate, understand, analyse, and have problem-solving capabilities even after completing twelve years in schools and three to four years in college.
This level of incompetence and ill-manning is across India. There are few bright students out of these billions of degrees and certificate holders. Now, there is a tremendous shortage of successful startups, brilliant legal experts, surgeons, inventors, professors, administrators, learned orators etc. The scenario is very dim. Global and national surveys indicate that the majority of Indian graduates are unemployable.
Why is this situation? Most Indian students have very little access to education and high resources. Their parents never motivate the children to work hard, read, write and analyse. Parents and families hardly discuss books, general and current knowledge, manners and discipline. Instead, they discuss new gadgets, phones, market food, shopping, films, picnics, tourism, cricket, celebrity marriages, parting etc. Families are on the phones all the time. This is the breeding point of incompetency, bad manners, disruptive behaviour and intellectual emptiness. They don’t discuss education, newspapers, college or university curriculum.
Watching videos has become very popular with the students. Reading is not liked by them. Most of them don’t have books and writing materials. They don’t want to do mental exercises to read and write. To understand anything, one has to read and write.
Student-friendly rules, No Detention system, and Internal and Continuous Assessment/evaluation are also responsible for the falling standard of the students. The internal and Continuous Assessment/evaluation system is a fake and farce evaluation system. Without any evaluation or assessment, almost all the students pass with high scores. Such an evaluation system must be scrapped. Such a system produces Educated Illiterates (across all standards). They have little or no understanding of their curriculum and the world around them.
There are many distractions. Everybody wants a good life. expensive phones, dating friends, branded clothes, fast food, picnics, shopping and hanging out at bars and restaurants. Addiction to social media is the biggest and most fatal distraction. As a result, they are lost in the web of this artificial and confusing world. Their mind has no space to think and understand the purpose and meaning of life. A comfortable job with a handsome package is their only goal. Most of them are just cyber coolies without any thinking capabilities.
There is no focus and desire to excel in life. They focus only on an easy lifestyle. Due to small family norms, parents keep on supporting their wards. Even some of the modern students do not want to marry or have children due to fear of responsibilities. This is the highest level of incompetency and insanity.
It is not too late. Now stop this senselessness. Stop being distracted, intellectually bankrupt and non-achiever. Think about the world, life, parents and family. Create your space as a creative and productive member of the family and society. Set and stay focused on lofty goals to achieve them.
Human infrastructure is very important to develop a society. India has billions of brilliant minds. They only need the aptitude to think critically and perform a better future for themselves and society. If this attitude is not changed, It may lead to colonised rule and slave mentality.

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