Teach children, Hindu scriptures offering high moral values

Many people will laugh and it will be difficult to believe this. Hindu scriptures are highly knowledgeable of moral and philosophies thanks to our ancient and immortal saints, rishis and gurus.
Hinduism is different and distinct from Christianity and Islam. It is not fundamentalist like Abrahamic religions and their intolerant variations. In these faiths many followers are as extremists as the religious fundamentalists are; while in Hinduism neither the religion nor the followers are extremist. Hinduism simply means that you believe in your God. Ancient Indian philosophical beliefs like Samkhya, Nyaya, Mimansa, Vedanta, Charvaka etc preach the same philosophy of tolerance and inclusiveness.
A Hindu should actually be tolerant to all. You don’t have to attack non-Hindus to establish that you are a Hindu unlike Abrahamic religions and their variations. Actually natural law of cause and effect along with the controlling power, are karma, dharma and God. A believer in Hinduism doesn’t mean everyone has to be. There may be multiple believer in a family — Husband Shaivite; wife Vaishnavite, brother Ram bhakt; sister Krishna bhakt ; bhabhi and mother Mata Vaishno Devi worshipper; and father was an Arya Samaji…This is Hinduism.
Among the Hindus, having multiple faith in one family is a very ordinary reality. Same fact was also true to the royal families. Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism were the three main religions of the Maurayan dynasty. King Ashoka was a Buddhist. Chandragupta Maura followed Jainism. Bidusara followed Brahmanism, calling him a “Brahmana bhatto” (“votary of the Brahmanas”) or Ajivika (a faith that believed that everything was pre-destined by niyati or destiny). These are all branches of Hinduism.
Parents should create interest in children about Hindu Gods and Goddess. Explain the idea of dharma and karma to them. God will be there to bless you and help you because you believe in Him. You action or karma and dharma or bhakti are responsible for the results. It is highly scientific just like the law of cause and effect. Create an early interest into karma, dharma and advait. The child will blaze and glaze like the child of a gurukul. They will be expert in these concept on getting maturity.

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