Same-Sex Marriage Trumps Religious Liberty in New Mexico

Elaine Huguenin. (Photo courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom) Earlier today, the Supreme Court of New Mexico ruled that the First Amendment does not protect a Christian photographer’s ability to decline to take pictures of a same-sex commitment ceremony—even when doing so would violate the photographer’s deeply held religious beliefs. As Elaine Huguenin, owner of Elane […]

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Five Thoughts on the Egypt Crisis

August 21, 2013 16:13 by Simon Plosker Compared to many parts of the Middle East, Israel is a veritable island of calm. With ongoing peace talks taking place in a media blackout, there has been relatively little to report for once. Which is just as well because most journalists’ attentions are now trained on Cairo […]

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Israeli-Egyptian Border

Israel Defending Eyptian Govt?

August 19, 2013 16:32 by Pesach Benson Israel’s lobbying Washington and Europe to support the Egyptian government. The Jerusalem Post and NY Times explains the effort, as well as Israel’s conundrum in a situation where no matter what you do, you have to hold your nose. The latter explains: With the European Union planning an […]

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U.S. Fleet Shrinks as China and India Build New Aircraft Carriers

stringer/Xinhua/Photoshot/Newscom India launched its new aircraft carrier last week, the 37,500-ton INS Vikrant. In response, a state-run Chinese newspaper called for more carriers in the People’s Liberation Army Navy fleet. Meanwhile, U.S. carriers—and the entire U.S. Navy—are struggling to meet fleet size requirements due to a chronically underfunded shipbuilding account and broader budget instability. While […]

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An Awesome Superhero Video About… Obamacare?

Would “an awesome superhero or action-movie style video” change your mind about Obamacare? The Obama Administration has pushed Obamacare through porta-potties and bourbon festivals—and now it’s promoting a $30,000 prize pool for a video contest. Young people may feel they are “invincible” and don’t need Obamacare, so the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) […]

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Gas Pipeline

Mideast Gas a Chance for USA to Break with Turkey

The natural gas fields in the Mediterranean provide the United States with an opportunity to break with Turkey, according to Seth Cropsey, formerly the deputy undersecretary of the Navy in the Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations. “Politics and alliances in the eastern Mediterranean are shifting, and the region’s security framework is splintering,” Cropsey […]

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