VIDEO: Senator Tom Coburn on the “Debt Bomb”

“The problem isn’t that we haven’t agreed, the problem is that we’ve agreed way to much,” explained Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) in a recent interview with The Heritage Foundation. “Otherwise we wouldn’t have trillion dollar deficits, $16 trillion in debt, and unfunded liabilities of $113-131 trillion.” Senator Coburn visited The Heritage Foundation this week to […]

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Romney following McCain’s losing strategy

GOP’s 2008 nominee was unwilling to confront Obama on character The political gurus who advised Mitt Romney to condemn a plan by a “super PAC” to use Barack Obama’s influential relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright against him in the 2012 campaign will lead the presumed Republican nominee to the same fate as John McCain […]

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Netanyahu and Obama at the White House this week

Israel Revives Military Option After Obama Rejects its Nuclear Demands of Iran

Israel has withdrawn its pledge to US President Barack Obama not to strike Iran’s nuclear sites before the November presidential election after he rejected its minimal demands for nuclear negotiations with Iran. This is reported exclusively by debkafile’s Washington sources. In public, Israeli ministers still talk as though they believe in results from the Six-Power […]

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Baghdad Nuclear Talks

Iran Declares ‘Impasse’ in Nuclear Talks

Iran on Thursday rejected the proposal from the P5+1 in talks over its controversial nuclear program. Tehran and the P5+1 – the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany – were in the second day of talks in Baghdad seeking to resolve international concerns over Iran’s nuclear program. The P5+1 plan reportedly […]

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