Construction in Judea and Samaria

UN Commits Terror Against Israel

Strategic Affairs Ministry uncovers terrorist connections of NGOs involved in development, release of UN Human Rights Council blacklist. Yesterday, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights released a database of 94 Israeli and 18 foreign companies operating in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. An in-depth Ministry of Strategic Affairs examination of the NGOs involved in […]

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Tomi Lahren Spearheads Nationwide Boycott After Cops Booted From Starbucks

Source: TheFederalistpapers Starbucks the leftist leaning coffee giant based in Seattle, is facing aboycott as many of its customers are angry at the response to police presence in one of their stores. The incident occurred when Tempe, Arizona police officers went into their usual Starbucks for some coffee in uniform. But when one of the customers in the store told […]

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Boycott the NFL on Veterans Weekend; Sunday November 12TH

Please join this boycott! By Fredy ‘Brooklyn’ Lowe There is such divisiveness in the United States of America today, you’d think that someone, or some organization(s) were actually fanning the flames of hostility by investing large sums of money to fund this enormous amount of hatred being stirred up between our fellow Americans, simply because […]

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