Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE)

Viscount Samuel, Meet Secretary Hagel

Emerging from intense controversy, the British politician Herbert Samuel (1870-1963) was appointed the first High Commissioner of Palestine, where he served 1920-25. A Jew and an influential Zionist, Samuel bent over backwards not to favor the Yishuv, to the point that he forwarded the interests of the Palestinians most hostile to the Jewish presence. Most […]

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Education by Murder in Boston

by Daniel Pipes The Washington Times April 24, 2013 N.B.: Text differs slightly from the Washington Times What will be the long-term impact of the Apr. 15-19 Boston Marathon attack and the ensuing action-movie-style chase, killing a total of four and wounding 265? Let’s start with what its impact will not be. It will not […]

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A BBC graphic shows the difference between the niqab and burqa

Boston Bombing Lesson: Ban Niqabs and Burqas

by Daniel Pipes April 21, 2013 Cross-posted from National Review Online, The Corner The Tsarnaev brothers pulled off their terrorist attack with great skill but made a fatal mistake in letting their faces and bodies be seen at a heavily photographed international sporting event. This meant that multiple images of them were available for a […]

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Obama Sends 140,000 Canisters of U.S. Teargas to Egypt’s Morsi

by Daniel Pipes April 14, 2013 Cross-posted from National Review Online, The Corner The Egyptian publication Al-Masry Al-Youm reports that the U.S. government has supplied five containers carrying 140,000 teargas canisters to Egypt’s Interior Ministry. It further reports that this shipment left Wilmington, Delaware, on Mar. 14 aboard the SS Jamestown and that it has […]

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Civil war in Syria

Support Syria’s Assad

by Daniel Pipes The Washington Times April 11, 2013 N.B.: Washington Times title: “The Case for Assad.” Analysts agree that “the erosion of the Syrian regime’s capabilities is accelerating,” that it step-by-step continues to retreat, making a rebel breakthrough and an Islamist victory increasingly likely. In response, I am changing my policy recommendation from neutrality […]

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Obama & Israeli Flag

Explaining Obama’s Fixation with Israel

by Daniel Pipes National Review Online March 19, 2013 Why does Barack Obama focus so much on Israel and its struggle with the Arabs? It’s not just that he’s spending days in Israel this week, but his disproportionate four-year search to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict. His first full day as president in 2009 saw him […]

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NY police car outside Center for Jewish History

Mainstream Jewish Institutions Celebrate Anti-Zionists

by Daniel Pipes April 8, 2013 Major Jewish institutions show a marked propensity to promote and celebrate the enemies of Israel and even antisemites. Here are some examples, working backwards chronologically: Cardozo Law School of Yeshiva University: Plans to give its International Advocate for Peace Award is going to Jimmy Carter, author of Palestine: Peace […]

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On Second Thought … Maybe that Israeli Apology to Turkey was a Good Idea

by Daniel Pipes March 29, 2013 Cross-posted from National Review Online, The Corner I was appalled to learn a week ago that the Israeli prime minister had apologized to his Turkish counterpart for his government’s actions during the Mavi Marmara incident, seeing this as feeding the Turkish government’s inflated sense of grandeur and power. That […]

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