What Would Nixon Do?

By Ben Stein on 4.4.12 About Iran, that is. We face some extremely serious problems today in the foreign policy realm. But now we face a uniquely serious threat from Islamic Iran. They are belligerent. They sponsor terrorism and violent repression everywhere they can, currently on display in the bloodbath in Syria. Far, far worse, […]

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Azzam Azzam

Azzam Azzam: Pollard Must be Freed

Azzam Azzam has issued an emotional appeal for the release of Jonathan Pollard, a Jewish American sentenced to life in prison for passing classified information to Israel. “I do not want to think about the possibility that Jonathan will not be freed, and will keep rotting in jail,” he said. He joined those calling on […]

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Michele Bachmann

Rep. Michele Bachman’s Passover Greetings

United States Representative Michele Bachman (R-Minn.), a long-time friend of the state of Israel, issued the following Passover greeting to her Jewish constituents: “As millions around the world begin to celebrate the feast of Passover at sundown on Friday, April 6, it is important to remember why this celebration exemplifies God’s mercy on His people. […]

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Freeze Red Tape to Warm the Economy

The House Judiciary Committee, by a vote of 15–13, recently approved a proposed moratorium on new regulations in order to spur job creation. The Regulatory Freeze for Jobs Act, introduced by Representative Tim Griffin (R–AR), would freeze all new “significant” regulations from being proposed or finalized until unemployment nationally falls at or below 6 percent. […]

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Comcast and NBC Maliciously and Deceptively Edited Tape of Zimmerman’s 9-1-1 Call to Further Incite Racial Animosity (VIDEOS)

NBC’s news operation is out of control. They’ve turned a once-credible news organization into a platform for spreading hate and inciting racial tension to further a political agenda. The way NBC has covered the Trayvon Martin shooting is shameful and is just the latest example of journalistic malpractice at the Peacock Network. Brent Bozell Discusses […]

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'Palestinian' flag

Helen Thomas Honored at PLO Event in Washington

The High Commission for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Washington honored American journalist and anti-Semite, Helen Thomas, according to a report in the Arabic Palestine Press Agency reported, translated by the Elder of Ziyyon blog. Thomas, the daughter of Lebanese immigrants, exposed her anti-Semitic prejudices in June of 2010 when she stated that Jews […]

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Palestinian Nazareth Imam Convicted of Inciting Terror with Ideology Identical to Al-Qaeda

Nazem Abu Salim, imam of the Shihab a-Din mosque in Nazareth, was convicted Sunday of incitement to terrorism and violence, and of support for a terror organization. Salim, 47, is a popular preacher who often addressed thousands with his Friday sermons. Prosecutors said his ideology is identical to that of Al-Qaeda. He was arrested in […]

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Is the Knesset in the capital of Israel?

Is Israeli Capital in Tel Aviv? State Dept Refuses to Say Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital (VIDEO)

Soon after the State Department was not able to state the location of the capital of Israel, the Washington Post named the capital as Tel Aviv. The CAMERA media watchdog organization caught the error, and the Post issued a correction. The original article stated, “Obama’s more aggressive message this year reflects the increasing concern in Washington, […]

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