Islam: Forcing Women to Marry Their Rapists

(Frontpagmag)  While American pliberals remain in high dudgeon over a woman’s “right” to “free” government-provided contraception, a genuine woman’s rights issue has been unfolding in Morocco a country considered to be a ‘moderate” Islamic country by the west.  In Larache, near the city of Tangiers, 16-year-old Amina Filali committed suicide after she was forced by a judge to marry. Whom […]

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Chu Uses Power Marketing Administrations to Implement Green Agenda

When it comes to finding alternate pathways to force their green agenda onto Americans, President Obama and his Administration know how to dream up creative solutions. In this latest installment, Energy Secretary Steven Chu is directing Power Marketing Administrations (PMAs) to invest in a smart electrical grid that also serves as test bed for cybersecurity […]

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PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas

Abbas Honors Terrorist Who Stabbed IDF Soldier; PA Continuing to Glorify Terrorists

The Palestinian Authority is continuing to honor and glorify terrorists who carried out attacks against Israelis and has this time honored a terrorist who stabbed a soldier in Hevron earlier this month. The incident occurred on March 8, when villagers tried to stop the arrest of Khaled Mahamrah, who was released a few months ago […]

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Hezbollah and Hamas in Decline

by Daniel Pipes December 21, 2011 Cross-posted from National Review Online In their 30- and 25-year histories, Hezbollah and Hamas have gone from strength to strength, going from simple terrorist groups to major political force within Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. But now, with economic sanctions starting to bite in Iran and the government of […]

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Hamas leader Mashaal and PA's Abbas in Cairo

United Nations Says Palestinian Authority Statehood Bid on Shaky Ground

A United Nations report says the Palestinian Authority’s statehood bid is on shaky ground. The report, entitled “Palestinian State-Building: An Achievement at Increased Risk,” is to be submitted this Wednesday in Brussels at a meeting of donors to the PA cause. A similar report was submitted six months ago to the group, but did not include […]

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Medical Malpractice Reform: States vs. the Federal Government

Medical malpractice reform is needed in many different states, but an effort currently underway on this issue in Congress is misguided. Legislatures in places like Texas that passed measures intended to reform the court processes used to make claims against doctors and hospitals and to stop abusive litigation have seen many benefits for both victims […]

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