Arnaud Montebourg

Greens Debate Socialists Over Nuclear Power

Despite the change in power in France and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open support for former French president Nicolas Sarkozy in the recent French presidential elections, she has been quick to patch up relations with Sarkozy’s successor Francois Hollande and to establish a common position with regard to Greece. The two countries, however, appear to […]

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Biomassive Energy Subsidies in Farm Bill

The farm bill, which passed in the Senate yesterday, has little to do with farming and a lot to do with handouts. Energy subsidies? The farm bill’s full of ‘em, particularly in the Title IX energy section, and they all need to go. The legislation includes direct handouts and loan guarantees for advanced biofuels and […]

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Noda (r)

Expected Power Shortages Force Japan to Retreat From Nuclear Power Ban

After the Fukushima reactor disaster, Japan appeared to be through with nuclear power. This however left the issue of energy shortages unresolved. With the summer looming and power demands expected to spike due to the need for air conditioning. Japan is beating a moderate retreat. The Union of Kansai Governments has grudgingly okayed a “limited” […]

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Obama Creates “Green Jobs” – In Other Countries; Obama’s Wasteful Stimulus Spending (VIDEO)

President Obama’s reckless Stimulus spent billions of our tax dollars to create “green jobs”–in foreign countries like Mexico, Finland, and China. The American people deserve to know what’s going on–and that our tax dollars are being wasted on handouts to other countries, instead of creating jobs for 13 million unemployed Americans. With the DNC admitting […]

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What Happens When People Hear Both Sides of the Debate?

On the morning of Tuesday, February 21, 2012, a debate took place at the World Bank, and the outcome was stunning. Heritage’s David Kreutzer and Yale University economics professor Robert Mendelsohn debated Marianne Fay of the World Bank and Paul Ekins of the University College London. The proposition was “Green Development is necessary, affordable, and […]

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Green Energy Irony: Obama’s 22-Vehicle Fossil Fuel Motorcade (VIDEO)

Yesterday, President Barack Obama rolled through Las Vegas to push for federal investment in clean energy vehicles, making his pitch at a UPS plant, escorted by a motorcade of 22 fossil fuel-burning vehicles. We haven’t seen anything this ironic since Al Gore hopped on a private jet to promote his global warming flick “An Inconvenient […]

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