Sudanese rebel

Experts to Obama: Stop Blocking Bill that Prevents Aid to Hosts of Sudan’s President

Seventy leading Holocaust and genocide scholars have signed a letter urging the Obama administration to cut aid to countries that host visits by Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for his role in the Darfur genocide. The House Appropriations Committee recently adopted an amendment by Virginia congressman […]

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Reuven Rivlin

Israeli Knesset Speaker: We Cannot Ignore the Armenian Genocide

The Knesset held a special discussion on Tuesday regarding the 1915 Armenian Genocide. The Armenian Genocide, also called the Armenian Massacres or the Great Crime, was the planned and systematic destruction of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire around the time of World War I through massacres and forced marches. Between 1 and 1.5 million Armenians died during this […]

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The Conflict As Seen by German Media

The Conflict As Seen by German Media June 7, 2012 12:50 by GuestPost In the wake of newly elected German President Joachim Gauck’s visit to Israel, this guest article was written exclusively for HonestReporting by Ulrich Sahm. Son of a well-known diplomat, Sahm was born in Bonn, Germany and grew up in London, Paris, Moscow […]

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French Kissing Equality Goodbye

The twenty per cent polled by Marine Le Pen in the recent first round of elections in France has come as a shock to many. She is said to have softened the often blatant racism, xenophobia and even fascism of her father who founded the Front National. Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter are said […]

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Holocaust Memorial Vandalized in Ukraine

A Jewish group said on Friday that a Holocaust memorial has been vandalized in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, The Associated Press reported. Oleksandr Nazar of the city’s Sholem Aleichem Jewish Culture Center told the news agency that unknown assailants on Wednesday smeared red and blue paint over the memorial in central Lviv. Nazar […]

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Ahmadinejad: Our nuclear program is for peace

Ahmadinejad Tells Germans Holocaust a Lie

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has surpassed previous acts of chutzpah and tells German television the Holocaust “was a colonialist plan that resulted from a lie” that Israel exploits to suppress Palestinian Authority Arabs. Speaking through an interpreter to Germany’s ZDF public television, Ahmadinejad asserted that Jews “never were rulers of this land. They made a […]

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Palestinian Authority Muslims to Radical anti-Zionist Gilad Atzmon: Don’t Help Us

Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon, who has made a career out of condemning Israel and rejecting his Jewish roots, fully identifying with and promoting the Arab position on the illegitimacy of Israel and Zionism, and affirming the most egregious of anti-Semitic allegations, has been rejected by the Arabs he advocates for. In a letter published by the […]

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Austrian Fascists danced on Holocaust Day

Austrian Fascists Danced on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Approximately 3,000 fascists, including Marienne LePen, “celebrated” Holocaust day at an annual dance while the United Nations remembered its horrors. An equal number of demonstrators protested the annual ball in Vienna Friday, and hundreds of police, backed by helicopters, kept the two groups apart as they marched in the streets. The annual Wiener Korporationsring (WKR) […]

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