'Palestinian' flag

Muslims Remove Israeli Flags From Bypass Roads

A group of Arabs activists removed Israeli flags from main bypass roads between cities in the northern Binyamin region early Saturday, the Ma’an news agency reported. The activists replaced Israeli flags with Palestinian Authority flags, according to Ibrahim Burnat, one of the participants. Burnat told Ma’an that a group of young men left Ramallah at 3 a.m. to complete the task. “On one […]

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British Supermarket (illustration)

British Supermarket Chain Extending Boycott of Israeli Communities in Judea and Samaria

A British supermarket chain is extending a boycott of goods from Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria and will now shun any supplier known to source from these areas. In a statement released Saturday and quoted by AFP, the Co-Operative Group said, “Following an audit of the Group’s supply chain, it will no longer do […]

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Flytilla Fails to Take Off

Flytilla Fails to Take Off April 16, 2012 14:14 by Simon Plosker It was meant to be a Palestinian PR dream. Over 2,000 activists scheduled to converge on Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport, arriving on planes from around the world as part of a “Welcome to Palestine” flytilla. Israel had done its homework, however. No-fly lists of […]

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Palestinian Nazareth Imam Convicted of Inciting Terror with Ideology Identical to Al-Qaeda

Nazem Abu Salim, imam of the Shihab a-Din mosque in Nazareth, was convicted Sunday of incitement to terrorism and violence, and of support for a terror organization. Salim, 47, is a popular preacher who often addressed thousands with his Friday sermons. Prosecutors said his ideology is identical to that of Al-Qaeda. He was arrested in […]

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Soldiers in Shechem -- Defensive Shield

Ten Years Since ‘Black March’

Ten years ago, the IDF carried out a large-scale operation in Judea and Samaria, dubbed ‘Defensive Shield,’ in response to ‘Black March’ – the month of March, 2002, in which Palestinian Authority terrorists murdered 105 Israeli civilians and 26 IDF soldiers, mostly in suicide bomber attacks against civilian targets such as restaurants and buses. A […]

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Cartoon: Debate Over the Community of Migron in Israel Explained in 3 Minutes

The debate over Migron, a community in the Binyamin region of Samaria, has snowballed into a head-on collision between the judicial and executive branches, the extreme political left and the center-right. Some analysts say it could even bring down the government of Binyamin Netanyahu. But what is it all about? Why did the matter reach […]

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Binyamin Netanyahu

UNHRC Creates ‘Goldstone 2’ Committee; Netanyahu Rightly Calls It Hypocrisy

The 47-nation UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) adopted five resolutions condemning Israel Thursday, including one that establishes a massive new “fact-finding mission” to investigate alleged Israeli violations relating to settlements. The vote was 36 in favor, 1 against (U.S.) and 10 abstaining. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was quick to issue a statement denouncing the UNHRC. […]

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