President Barack Obama

Obama’s Mysterious Campaign Strategy

By Peter Wehner One of the things that have puzzled political commentators is why President Obama is running the campaign he is. Rather than tacking to the center, as Bill Clinton did, Mr. Obama is running a campaign that is based on stoking class resentments and raising taxes on the rich. Rather than laying out […]

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Why the RNC Fired Michael Steele

By: Peter Egan April 4th, 2012 Despite the unwavering and dedicated efforts of the liberal elitists at the Republican National Committee doing everything within their capabilities to subvert the will of the voters and install Massachusetts liberal Mitt Romney as the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee, there remains an outside shot that the sentiments of the […]

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Obama and health reform sign

Obama team celebrates anniversary of Romney’s health care law (VIDEO)

By Stephanie Condon Six years after Mitt Romney signed into law a signature health care reform package in Massachusetts, it’s his chief political rival, Barack Obama, who’s celebrating. President Obama’s re-election team on Thursday released a three-minute web video marking the sixth anniversary of the law that’s now known as “Romneycare,” reminding voters that the […]

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Gingrich charges Fox News with pro-Romney bias; Vows to Take Campaign to Republican National Convention

DOVER, Del. — During a meeting with 18 Delaware Tea Party leaders here on Wednesday, Newt Gingrich lambasted The Fox News Channel, accusing the cable news network that employed him as recently as last year of having been in the tank for Mitt Romney from the beginning of the Republican presidential fight and singling out […]

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Santorum With Etch A Sketch

Live Mike Helps Amplify Obama-Romney Differences Over Russia

Mitt Romney apparently believes that he has reaped a double bonus after a conversation between Barack Obama and outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at the Seoul Nuclear Conference was captured on a live microphone and broadcast the world round. Medvedev had used the conference to present Russia’s objection to a NATO antimissile system stationed in […]

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The Case for Newt Gingrich: How Easily His Great Conservative Achievements are Forgotten

By Peter Ferrara on 12.28.11 @ 6:08AM How easily his great and solid conservative achievements are forgotten. He led us to victory before. Spectacular, historic victory. The strategy and content of his 1994 Contract with America propelled the Republicans to a 54-seat gain in 1994 to win control of the House of Representatives, which had […]

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