Video: Obama Supporters Slam “Romney” Policies… Then Find Out They’re Actually Obama Policies!

What a brilliant video. Watch the Obama supporters bad mouth Romney when they think they’re talking about his proposed policies. Only problem is… they’re being tricked by the interviewer and are caught stumbling for a response when they find out the policies they were just disgusted over are actually CURRENT POLICIES PUT IN PLACE BY […]

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Vanishing species? White male voter in LA.

Good News for Democrats: White Men in Decline

President Barack Obama is not doing well with white men, but the Democrats can take heart because the white male demographic is shrinking in the long run, according to an expert quoted by the CBS News website. Darrell West, vice president and director of Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution, explained: “Democrats have a demographic problem with […]

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Strategies for the Stretch Run to the Nov. 6 Election

By KARL ROVE This year’s presidential election was transformed between the first debate’s opening statements in Denver and the closing statements in Boca Raton. As a result, most of the negative impressions created by the Obama campaign’s five-month, $300-million television advertising barrage were destroyed. Seen unfiltered, Gov. Mitt Romney came across as an earnest, straightforward, […]

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