Patriot battery

NATO Patriot Missiles Land in Turkey

One of the greatest nightmares recently protested by Iran and Syria – a shipment of NATO’s Patriot anti-ballistic missile defense system – has arrived in Turkey. The Suecia Seaways, sailing under the flag of Germany, arrived Monday in the port of Iskenderun less than a day after the Netherlands-registered Louise Russ vessel pulled into port bearing […]

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Afghanistan Turning on Obama

Afghan President Hamid Karzai sharply criticized the United States in an exclusive interview with NBC News on Thursday, blaming American and NATO forces for some of the growing insecurity in his country. “Part of the insecurity is coming to us from the structures that NATO and America created in Afghanistan,” Karzai said during a one-on-one […]

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Missile Defense Protection Against Iran Far Outweighs Objections from Russia or China

As the Obama Administration continues to pursue what can at best be described as a tepid commitment to missile defense, it nonetheless continues to draw condemnation from Russian and Chinese officials who describe U.S. and NATO plans to enhance missile defense capabilities throughout Europe as “destabilizing.” All the while, Russia is testing a new long-range […]

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Avigdor Lieberman

Lieberman: Israel Won’t be Provoked by ‘Turkish Rampage’

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Monday that Israel will not be “dragged into provocations with Turkey” over its indictment of four former senior IDF commanders. Meeting with German president Joachim Gauck in Jerusalem, Lieberman said, “We hope that European countries refuse to cooperate with Turkish authorities over these absurd charges against former IDF chief of […]

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Missile Defense: Problems with an Assurance to Russia

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Steven Pifer responded to Senator Jon Kyl’s (R–AZ) op-ed that argued that President Obama should refuse to provide written assurances to Russia that compromise America’s ability to defend itself. Pifer’s complaint with the Senate Republican Whip’s argument is that “an assurance could open a path to a cooperative NATO-Russia missile […]

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NATO to Declare Interim European Missile Defense Capability

During the NATO meeting in Chicago, the alliance will declare that it has an interim operational capability to defend itself against ballistic missile attacks. This is a major step forward for NATO and U.S. leadership within the alliance. The declaration marks the achievement of the first phase in the Obama Administration’s European Phased Adaptive Approach […]

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