PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Authority Formally Refuses to Recognize Jewish State

A Palestinian Authority (PA) source on Friday told AFP that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas formally rejected US proposals for Israel to keep troops in a future Palestinian state along the Jordan border. The source further formally stated Abbas’ position of refusing to recognize Israel as the Jewish state. Abbas’ rejection of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposals in Ramallah Thursday […]

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Bennett: No to Israeli “Security” Arrangements from Obama

Economics Minister Naftali Bennett released a statement on his Facebook page Friday, discussing the talks which have resumed between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). Bennett cites history once more in his statement, and explains the extent of the US’s involvement in a possible peace deal. “Recently we’ve been hearing a new tune: an international […]

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Faced with Hostile Obama, Netanyahu to Take Iran Nuclear Campaign to Russia

At odds with Washington over terms of an emerging international nuclear agreement with Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will on Wednesday take his campaign against the deal to Moscow. “We’d like them to have a better understanding of our concerns and the need to prevent Iran from having a breakout capacity,” an Israeli official told AFP […]

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French President Francois Hollande Lands in Israel, Lays Out Four Conditions for Iran Agreement

French President Francois Hollande has landed in Israel Sunday with an entourage for his first official visit. Hollande will be here for 3 days, where Iran is likely to be the main issue under discussion in meetings with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. AFP reports that Hollande was welcomed on the red carpet by his Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres […]

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IAF air strike in Gaza

Ongoing Housing Crisis For Gush Katif (Gaza) Refugees Since 2005

MK Zevulun Kalfa (Bayit Yehudi/Jewish Home) addressed the Knesset today in a special meeting called by the Opposition about the housing crisis. Kalfa is a resident of Kibbutz Shomria in southern Israel, which today is home to refugees from Gush Katif – the former Jewish communities of Gaza. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was also present – […]

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France Replaces USA as Great Satan

November 11, 2013 14:25 by Pesach Benson Israel and the US still not eye-to-eye on Iran. The State Department’s number 3 person, Wendy Sherman, was in Israel trying to reach an understanding with Jerusalem on the unfolding “first-step” deal with Iran. But the Times of Israel reports Sherman went home without one. Meanwhile, Benjamin Netanyahu […]

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Loewenstein’s Load of BDS BS

November 7, 2013 14:27 by Simon Plosker Writing in The Guardian’s Comment is Free, Australian anti-Israel journalist Anthony Loewenstein defends the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against charges of anti-Semitism, specifically in the context of a court case brought against an Australian academic. BDS is a comprehensive, international strategy that seeks to present Israel as a […]

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