Binyamin Netanyahu

UNHRC Creates ‘Goldstone 2’ Committee; Netanyahu Rightly Calls It Hypocrisy

The 47-nation UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) adopted five resolutions condemning Israel Thursday, including one that establishes a massive new “fact-finding mission” to investigate alleged Israeli violations relating to settlements. The vote was 36 in favor, 1 against (U.S.) and 10 abstaining. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was quick to issue a statement denouncing the UNHRC. […]

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U.S., Jordan Plan to Face Syrian Weapons Threat

The United States and Jordan are preparing to secure Syria’s vast stores of chemical and biological weapons in case the Syrian government loses control, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Syria has large stockpiles of nerve agents and mustard gas. Jordan and Turkey have expressed concern that the weapons could fall into terrorist hands as […]

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Netanyahu and Obama at the White House this week

Obama Offered Israel PM ‘Package Deal’ on Iran Attack; Netanyahu Hints Attack Just Months Away

A report in Ma’ariv Thursday said that U.S. President Baack H. Obama offered to give Israel advanced “bunker buster” missiles and long-range planes that could fly thousands of kilometers without refueling – if Israel agreed not to attack Iran during 2012. The report was based on discussions with diplomatic officials who were privy to the […]

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Hateful Academic Lets Rip at Bibi

Syrian civilians are being murdered on a daily basis. Iran continues its quest for nuclear weapons capability. The Middle East is undergoing a period of unprecedented uncertainty in the wake of the Arab Spring. But for Oxford academic Avi Shlaim, writing in The Independent, there is only one source for all the trouble in the […]

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Report: Iran Research Center Played Key Role in Nuclear Program; Shows Israel Right on Iran

A Washington-based institution is warning that an Iranian research center has more to do with the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program than was previously believed. The Associated Press reported that the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) said Wednesday it had new indications of hidden weapons work by Iran. According to the report, a cache […]

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