Impact of Gas Price Increases

In many of the Southern States, with a significant population of service-industry and agricultural sector workers earning wages at around the $8.75 – $10 per hour mark, the impact of rising gas prices is causing a large number to quit their jobs and file for unemployment or seek other types of State assistance. Many of […]

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Sen. Schumer, Who Opposed Keystone XL, Calls for More Saudi Oil Production

Responding to record-high gas prices and a potential for further disruptions in supply, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Monday requested that the State Department pressure Saudi Arabia to increase its oil production. The senator’s concerns are twofold: “Schumer called on the State Department to press the Saudis to publicly commit to meet their capacity potential […]

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Correcting the Record: Five Half-Truths From Obama on Higher Gas Prices

During a speech on gas prices Thursday in Miami, the President tried to dodge responsibility for the pain Americans are feeling at the pump. Recognizing the trouble these higher prices are causing Americans, the President tried hard to demonstrate his concern over higher prices. But as the video above shows, the President and his Administration […]

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Hugo Chavez

The New Normal: Chavez Supports Crimes Against Humanity

As Syrian tanks and artillery continued to rain indiscriminate fire on the defenseless city of Homs and as the world watched with mounting horror the final reports of courageous American journalist Marie Colvin, half a world away, in Caracas, Venezuela, a truculent and defiant Hugo Chavez continues to stand four-square behind the Bashar al-Assad regime. […]

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FrackNation Documentary Seeks the Truth on ‘Fracking’

The anti-fracking documentary “Gasland” has served as a rallying cry for environmentalists seeking to halt hydraulic fracturing, the process used by energy companies to extract petroleum and natural gas from underground. Even the State Department is promoting the film. Critics of the widely-debunked documentary acknowledge its impact. Irish journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer is among […]

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