Protest in Cairo against Ahmed Shafiq

Thousands Protest in Egypt Against Mubarak-Era Candidate and For Radical Muslim Brotherhood

Thousands of people demonstrated in Egypt on Friday, to demand that former President Hosni Mubarak’s last Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafiq, be banned from a run-off presidential election. AFP reported that the protesters also denounced verdicts in the trial of Mubarak and his security chiefs, amid reports that the ailing strongmen sentenced to life in prison […]

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Anti-government protest in Yemen

Yemini Terrorists Assassinate US Teacher; Yemen in Disarray Due to Arab Spring

Two terrorists on a motorcycle assassinated an American teacher Sunday. The victim’s name has not yet been released. He was murdered in Taez, a central Yemini city, according to the region’s governor, Hamoud al-Sufi, CBS and the Associated Press reported. The terrorist group behind the murder was not identified. Al Qaeda already has taken over […]

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[Symposium on] The U.S. and Israel

by Daniel Pipes March 6, 2012 Cross-posted from National Review Online: The Corner With Washington, D.C., talking Israeli politics, National Review Online asked experts: “Going into a presidential-election year, what’s a sane, responsible Israel policy?” For the responses of the other eight respondents, click here. Two premises shape my preferred U.S. policy toward Israel. Negatively, […]

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Hugo Chavez

The New Normal: Chavez Supports Crimes Against Humanity

As Syrian tanks and artillery continued to rain indiscriminate fire on the defenseless city of Homs and as the world watched with mounting horror the final reports of courageous American journalist Marie Colvin, half a world away, in Caracas, Venezuela, a truculent and defiant Hugo Chavez continues to stand four-square behind the Bashar al-Assad regime. […]

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Mohammed Bouazizi, Historical Figure; How the Middle East Upheavals Began

by Daniel Pipes National Review Online April 20, 2011 The self-immolation on Dec. 17, 2010 of an obscure Tunisian, Mohammed Bouazizi, set off a political firestorm across the Middle East that has yet to subside. His story as first told contained some inaccuracies; so now, with facts and his legacy more established, it’s useful to […]

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Hamas Will Focus on Arab Spring-Style Protests Against Israel

Hamas will focus on holding Arab Spring-style mass protests against Israel but is not renouncing the use of violence against the Jewish state, leader Khaled Mashaal told The Associated Press late Thursday. Mashaal told the news agency that popular protests have “the power of a tsunami,” pointing to the recent waves of demonstrations across the […]

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U.S. Official: Syria’s Assad is ‘Dead Man Walking’

The United States predicted on Wednesday that the downfall of Syrian President Bashar Assad is imminent, The Associated Press reported. According to the report Frederic Hof, a senior official in the State Department, likened Assad’s regime to a “dead man walking” over its brutal crackdown on pro-reform demonstrators and its increasing international isolation. Hof told […]

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