Republican Vice-Presidential candidate and Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan

Video: Ryan Says Under Obama, Mideast Looks Like ‘1979 Tehran’

Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan continued to denounce President Barack Obama’s handling of foreign affairs Monday, saying that under the president’s policies, the Middle East looks like Tehran during the hostage crisis of 1979-1980. Addressing a crowd in Lima, Ohio, Ryan was referring to Nov. 4, 1979, when Islamic revolutionaries in Iran attacked the U.S. […]

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Democrats Should Be Worried

Liberal pundits are already fanning out in force to attack and discredit Paul Ryan. Michael Tomasky, who recently wrote a Newsweek cover story calling Mitt Romney a “wimp,” has now decided that Romney’s bold move is “a terrible choice” because Ryan has proven himself to be an extremist on budget issues. No doubt there are […]

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