William Hague

British Foreign Secretary Condemns Bat Yam Terrorist Bus Bombing in Israel

British Foreign Secretary William Hague has condemned yesterday’s attempted terrorist attack in Bat Yam. One person was lightly wounded in an explosion aboard a number 240 bus heading from the central city of Bnei Brak to Bat Yam on Sunday afternoon. Police later confirmed the bombing was an attempted terrorist attack, and that only the […]

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Obama and Netanyahu

Obama Turns on Israel

by Daniel Pipes National Review Online, The Corner November 8, 2013 Barack Obama’s March 2013 trip to Israel had a too-good-to-be-true feel about it. While barely pressuring on Israel, he instructed Palestinians not to set preconditions for negotiations and admonished them to “recognize that Israel will be a Jewish state.” It felt out of character, […]

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BBC Errs on Israel Capital Once Again

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC), known for its blatant bias against Israel, this week insisted that “no offence was intended” after it reported that Tel Aviv is the capital of the Jewish state during a commentary on the UEFA European Under-21 Championship. According to Jewish News, the error came during Radio 5 Live’s coverage of […]

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Israeli Technology Reveals the Secrets Behind a Voice: Terrorism Prevention

Nemesysco, an Israeli technology, analyzes the human voice and spots different emotions as they are reflected through voice patterns. The technology was presented last week at the Israel Defense Exhibition (ISDEF) 2013 which was held in Tel Aviv. Amir Liberman, founder and CEO of Nemesysco, told Arutz Sheva that the voice analysis is used “for […]

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Dan bus bombed in Tel Aviv

Leftist Group Memorializes Terrorists

A group of Israeli protestors demonstrated against a Memorial Day event that commemorated the lives of IDF soldiers who fell in battle – and the lives of the terrorists they fought against. The leftist “Lochamim Leshalom” (“Fighting for Peace”) group were faced with dozens of parents of Israelis killed in terror attacks, and IDF soldiers […]

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