Mahatma Gandhi and the Jews

by Ranbir   In his book God is not Great, the late Christopher Hitchens takes issue with the prevailing view that India’s independence was the result of the efforts of Mahatma Gandhi’s use of non-violent civil disobedience. Anyone claiming to be Gandhian or setting their ethical compass by Gandhi often exudes a  self-righteous arrogance and […]

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Der Sturmer in the UK?

Der Sturmer in the UK? June 13, 2012 15:13 by Simon Plosker The following by HR’s Managing Editor Simon Plosker appeared originally on The Times of Israel. What would Israel do if a journalist from Der Sturmer was filing reports from inside the country? Despite the fact that there is remarkable press freedom in Israel, […]

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William Hague

Hague, Ashton Along With Obama Condemn Israeli Expansion in Judea and Samaria

British Foreign Secretary William Hague condemned on Friday Israel’s plans to build hundreds of new homes in Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron), The Press Association reported. In a statement issued by the Foreign Office in London Hague said, “I condemn the announcement by Israel to authorize the building of 851 new settlement units across […]

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Join Protest of the Chicago Caliphate Conference by Extremist Radical Islamist Group Hizb ut-Tahrir

by Ryan Mauro An Islamic extremist group called Hizb ut-Tahrir that opposes democracy and supports violent jihad, including the killing of U.S. soldiers, is coming to Rolling Meadows, Illinois on June 17. The conference, titled “Revolution: Liberation by Revelation–Muslims Marching Toward Victory” is about how Muslims must help resurrect the Caliphate and institute Sharia-based governance. […]

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Aftermath of suicide bombings in Kabul Tuesday

Help Wanted: Al-Qaeda (AQAP) Recruiting “Experienced” Suicide Bombers

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has begun posting Internet advertisements offering training for suicide bombers to target the U.S., Israel and France. Volunteers are asked to get in touch via e-mail with details about their own experience and proposed targets, and were posted on a variety of jihadist forums, including al-Fida’a, Shmoukh al-Islam and Honein. […]

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