Defund the UNRWA

By Daniel Greenfield:   The UNRWA is on the front lines of the Hamas War in Gaza. In the headlines, its schools are forever being fired on or found to be stockpiling rockets. If individual Gazans are being used as human shields, the UNRWA often seems as if it is one big organizational human shield. But […]

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Three Questions for Hamas Terrorist Apologists

Over the last few weeks, Hamas terrorists have renewed their terrorist tactics against Israeli civilians, firing thousands of rockets into the civilian population and even using secret tunnels in an attempt to invade and unleash deadly terrorist attacks in Israel itself. As this conflict erupted, Hamas terrorist apologists have come out of the woodwork, some […]

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Hiding Hamas’ Weapons at the UN

By Judi McLeod:  Things that shouldn’t be there have a way of turning up at the omnipresent installations of the world’s largest bureaucracy known as the United Nations. Back in the days when Kofi Annan was UN Secretary General,  it was black boxes from crashed planes unearthed from filing cabinets at UN Manhattan headquarters. “First came […]

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UN Urged to Tell Catholic Church it Has No Right to Oppose Abortion

( – The Center for Reproductive Rights, a non-governmental organization that advocates for legalized abortion, is urging the United Nations Committee Against Torture to tell the Catholic Church that “the freedom of speech and of religion” do not give the church the right to advocate against abortion. When the committee met in Geneva on Monday […]

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Chemical war drill

Syria Submits ‘Specific’ List of Chemical Weapons to OPCW

Syria has submitted a “more specific” list of its chemical weapons to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) after discrepancies were reported by inspectors on the ground, officials told Reuters Thursday. The international operation to destroy Syria’s stockpile of deadly chemicals is a joint Russian-U.S. plan that was endorsed by the UN Security Council in September. The […]

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Jay Carney

Obama Regime Criticizes Israel’s Sanctions Against Palestinian Authority

The United States on Friday said it was against the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) turning to international organizations, but also expressed its displeasure with Israel’s sanctions on the PA. “Unilateral moves by both sides will not accelerate the peace process, but will rather do the opposite,” said White House spokesman Jay Carney, according to Channel 10 […]

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