VIDEO: Condoleezza Rice Speaks on American Exceptionalism at Heritage

For those who think the United States should withdraw from the world stage, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has a message: America is exceptional because of its willingness to lead, and without maintaining that commitment, America’s greatness will be in jeopardy. In a wide-ranging speech today at The Heritage Foundation, Rice explained why American […]

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Catholic Bishops: “Constant Vigilance & Protection” Required for Religious Liberty

This morning, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) published a document titled “Our First, Most Cherished Liberty: A Statement on Religious Liberty.” To Americans who care about and work for religious freedom, the bishops’ statement is a powerful message of solidarity. The bishops argue that, in America, religious freedom is our first and […]

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Gingrich charges Fox News with pro-Romney bias; Vows to Take Campaign to Republican National Convention

DOVER, Del. — During a meeting with 18 Delaware Tea Party leaders here on Wednesday, Newt Gingrich lambasted The Fox News Channel, accusing the cable news network that employed him as recently as last year of having been in the tank for Mitt Romney from the beginning of the Republican presidential fight and singling out […]

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Report: Israel Told US No Attack Until Early Fall; Obama Wants Israel to Hold Off Until After Nov Elections

Israeli newspaper Maariv reported Tuesday that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu refused to commit before U.S. President Barack Obama that Israel would not attack Iran before the U.S. presidential elections. Netanyahu agreed to wait with an Israeli military move only until the [early] fall season, says the paper on its website, citing American sources. This appears […]

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The FOCUS Act and Federal Law Enforcement

An article by Jon Adler at “Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine,” (Last viewed Apr. 11, 2012), written on behalf of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) is quite critical of the recently-introduced Freedom from Over-Criminalization and Unjust Seizures (FOCUS) Act of 2012.  The thrust of the article is that the FOCUS Act would put […]

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Test or No Test: Questions Remain

On April 10, The Heritage Foundation hosted an event titled “Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: Questions and Challenges.” This event is a critical contribution to the debate about the state of the U.S. nuclear deterrent, the proper role of U.S. nuclear weapons, and the need for modernization of the increasingly obsolescent nuclear weapons complex. Below are […]

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Got Principles? The Ryan Budget Does

Buried deep in the President’s hyperbolic assault on the House-passed budget last week—with all that “radical vision” and “social Darwinism” rhetoric—was one kernel of truth: “This isn’t a budget supported by some small rump group in the Republican Party,” the President said. “This is now the party’s governing platform. This is what they’re running on.” […]

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Obama and health reform sign

New Study Shows Obamacare’s Huge Additions to Federal Deficit (VIDEO)

A study released today by Charles Blahous, one of two public trustees of Medicare and Social Security, once again shows that Obamacare increases federal deficits and significantly worsens the nation’s fiscal outlook. According to the study’s most optimistic scenario, the health law will increase federal spending by $1.16 trillion and increase the deficit by $346 […]

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Obama's new BFF, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Going Medieval: Obama Welcomes the Barbarians (Muslim Brotherhood) Into the White House

By Robert J. Avrech The other day was a turning point in American history. There were no banner headlines to mark the occassion. Editorial pages hardly took notice. But a Rubicon has been passed. That moment occurred when President Obama welcomed the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood into the White House. By rolling out the red carpet […]

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