Chavez, Castro & Putin Announce their Endorsements for Obama

The latest [dictator] to publicly announce his support for the commander-in-chief’s reelection bid was Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, who this week assured he’d vote for Obama if he were from the United States. The America-bashing strongman made the announcement on state-owned television, saying “Obama is a good guy” and that if Obama was from Caracas, he’d […]

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Day 4: As ATT Conference Work Begins, Venezuela Wins the Crazy Prize

After a quiet afternoon Thursday, the third day of the U.N.’s Arms Trade Treaty conference closed with a bang. The conference president, Ambassador Roberto Garcia Moritán, again tried to persuade the delegates to accept his proposal that, on Friday, they split into two working groups, one to consider the treaty’s scope and implementation and the […]

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Hugo Chavez has Only Months to Live

We may not agree with his politics, but we never wish this terrible disease on anybody. We can say a prayer for Hugo and his family and wish for the best. A high profile Venezuelan reporter has been told that the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has Metastatic Rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that has “entered the […]

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“Pro-Zionist Rats”: Venezuelan Media Attack Chavez Opposition

This article has been adapted from an original communique courtesy of ReporteHonesto, HR’s Latin American affiliate. With elections approaching in Venezuela, opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski – and especially his Jewish background – has become a lightening rod for criticism from state run media and supporters of Hugo Chavez. Some of it clearly crosses into […]

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Hugo Chavez

The New Normal: Chavez Supports Crimes Against Humanity

As Syrian tanks and artillery continued to rain indiscriminate fire on the defenseless city of Homs and as the world watched with mounting horror the final reports of courageous American journalist Marie Colvin, half a world away, in Caracas, Venezuela, a truculent and defiant Hugo Chavez continues to stand four-square behind the Bashar al-Assad regime. […]

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Iran Poised to Target U.S. Homeland

Latest Intelligence Assessment: Iran Poised to Target U.S. Homeland

Appearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on January 31, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James R. Clapper warned that the “2011 plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. shows that some Iranian officials—probably including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei—have changed their calculus and are now more willing to conduct an attack in […]

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Hermes 900

Colombia Identified as Secret Buyer of Israeli Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Systems

Colombia has been identified as the mysterious buyer of Israeli Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems worth $50 million. Elbit had stated in a press release earlier this month that the UAVs were sold to an unidentified Latin America country. Several defense publications in the United States later pointed to Colombia, which sources said is interested […]

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Hugo Chavez: Between the “Devil” and the “Clown”

In an infamous and vulgar U.N. speech delivered in September 2006, Venezuela’s populist authoritarian President Hugo Chavez likened President George W. Bush to “the devil.” On December 20, Chavez lashed out at President Barack Obama after the U.S. President opined on the worsening situation in Venezuela. “Mr. Obama decided to attack us,” Chavez cried. “Now […]

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