Chemical war drill

Syria: Obama Administration Slow-Walks Decision on Chemical Weapons

The Obama Administration has been moving very slowly on the Syrian chemical weapons issue. Caution is in order, because the President’s credibility is on the line. President Obama has repeatedly warned Bashar al-Assad’s regime not to use its huge chemical weapons arsenal. In a December speech he proclaimed, “The use of chemical weapons [by the […]

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Assad Will Use WMDs While Hizbullah, Iran Plan New Army After Islamist Takeover of Syria

IDF Military Intelligence chief Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi had sobering news for policy makers at the Herzliya Conference, predicting chemical warfare and a post-Assad Iranian-Hizbullah military force. Kochavi told the audience at Thursday’s annual convention the Lebanon-based terrorist organization has teamed up with Iran to form a full-scale army, knowing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s days in […]

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Mavi Marmara

An Israeli Apology to Turkey

by Daniel Pipes March 22, 2013 updated Mar 27, 2013 Cross-posted from National Review Online, The Corner On Feb. 27, Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a conference in Vienna, “Just like Zionism, anti-Semitism and fascism, Islamophobia must be regarded as a crime against humanity.” His calling the Jewish nationalist movement that built the State of Israel […]

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North Korea Threatens US with nuclear test aimed at USA’s West Coast

North Korea has stunned the world by announcing nuclear missile tests targeting its “arch-enemy” America. The secretive hermit-like state released the news of the “high-level nuclear test” late last night. The controversial move comes just two days after the UN Security Council condemned North Korea for recent rocket launches. North Korea’s National Defence Commission said […]

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Smoke rises near Damascus

Syria Says it has ‘Serious Fear’ it is Being Framed by Obama

Syria has accused the United States of seeking to frame the country for using chemical weapons, Syrian state-run media reported. “The U.S. administration has consistently worked over the past year to launch a campaign of allegations on the possibility that Syria could use chemical weapons during the current crisis,” the Foreign Ministry wrote in letters […]

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Was George Bush Correct After all on Iraq’s WMD’s?

    Bush used CIA and Russian intelligence to come to the conclusion Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction also called WMD.  During the invasion in 2003 a  500 ton cache of refined yellow cake uranium at Iraq’s primary nuclear research facility in Al—Tuwaitha was recovered. It was speculated by many conservatives and some intelligence sources said Saddam hid the […]

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