Anti-government protest in Yemen

UN Protection for Yemen’s Last Jews?

Today’s Top Stories 1. Big Media discovers Yair Lapid, but do press reports unreasonably raise expectations of peace? Mark Heller (NY Times) explains that voters are preoccupied with economic and social issues — so don’t expect aggressive Israeli peace making and other foreign initiatives: The reason is not that Israelis are opposed to the conventional […]

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Anarchy Surrounds Israel

by Daniel Pipes July 18, 2012 Cross-posted from National Review Online: The Corner Of Israel’s neighbors, Lebanon always stood out by virtue of its weak central government, but for the first twenty years, 1948-68, this did not present difficulties to Israel; only when the Palestinian created a state-within-a-state there did its anarchy became a major […]

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Fatal Arab Spring

by Daniel Pipes September 13, 2012 Cross-posted from National Review Online, The Corner The editors asked several analysts: “What does the deadly violence against U.S. officials in Libya and Egypt say about the Arab Spring? Is Mitt Romney ready to lead in this international atmosphere? Is our current president?” For replies by Shoshana Bryen, Douglas […]

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Ennahada leader Rached Ghannouchi

Muslim Brotherhood, Tunisia’s Leading Political Party After Arab Spring Declares ‘No Normalization with Israel’

Tunisia’s leading political party, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Ennahada party, has reiterated its opposition to normalizing diplomatic ties with Israel. Ennahada held its ninth national conference in Tunis over the weekend, ending with a resolution on the matter Monday after party leader Rached Ghannouchi, perceived as a moderate, was re-elected to serve as its head for […]

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Join Protest of the Chicago Caliphate Conference by Extremist Radical Islamist Group Hizb ut-Tahrir

by Ryan Mauro An Islamic extremist group called Hizb ut-Tahrir that opposes democracy and supports violent jihad, including the killing of U.S. soldiers, is coming to Rolling Meadows, Illinois on June 17. The conference, titled “Revolution: Liberation by Revelation–Muslims Marching Toward Victory” is about how Muslims must help resurrect the Caliphate and institute Sharia-based governance. […]

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Aftermath of suicide bombings in Kabul Tuesday

Help Wanted: Al-Qaeda (AQAP) Recruiting “Experienced” Suicide Bombers

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has begun posting Internet advertisements offering training for suicide bombers to target the U.S., Israel and France. Volunteers are asked to get in touch via e-mail with details about their own experience and proposed targets, and were posted on a variety of jihadist forums, including al-Fida’a, Shmoukh al-Islam and Honein. […]

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Is Saleh Behind It?

Saudi Consul to Yemen Kidnapped – Again

Gunmen in Sana’a kidnapped Saudi Arabia’s deputy consul from outside his residence in the southern Yemeni port city of Aden on Wednesday. Gulf News reported this is the second time Abdullah Al Khalidi has been kidnapped — the first a few months ago in which he was robbed and released. The incident underscores the deteriorating […]

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