UNRWA: Perpetuating the Misery

Isn’t it time for UNRWA’s chief to do some soul searching and look beyond blaming Israel? Writing in The Guardian, Karen AbuZayd, the outgoing commissioner general of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) calls to address the Palestininan refugee question. While apportioning responsibility to Israel, she fails to acknowledge the fate of Jewish refugees in […]

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Sheikh Obama and His Two Wars

by Daniel Pipes December 10, 2009 A visibly embarrassed Barack Obama shows off his Nobel Peace Prize. Obama’s Nobel “lecture” offers critics the usual cornucopia of opportunities for criticism but I shall focus on just two statements: “I am the Commander-in-Chief of a nation in the midst of two wars.” And here I thought there […]

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Building Peace Without Obama’s Interference

A promising, independent Palestine is quietly being developed, with Israeli assistance. By TOM GROSS It is difficult to turn on a TV or radio or pick up a newspaper these days, without finding some pundit or other deploring the dismal prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace or the dreadful living conditions of the Palestinians. Even supposedly neutral […]

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Swiss Minarets and European Islam

by Daniel Pipes Jerusalem Post December 9, 2009 What importance has the recent Swiss referendum to ban the building of minarets (spires next to mosques from which the call to prayer is issued)? Some may see the 57.5 to 42.5 percent decision endorsing a constitutional amendment as nearly meaningless. The political establishment being overwhelmingly opposed […]

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Climate Change: It’s the sun, stupid!

The sun, a million times larger than the earth, is the nuclear power station that controls the climate of the Earth and every other planet in the solar system. The heliocentric (sun-centered) cosmology pioneered by Copernicus shattered the anthropocentric mythology that put man at the centre of the universe. This Medieval mythology viewed natural disasters […]

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Congress lower than car salesmen

Being a member of Congress rates as the least ethical and honest professions – faring worse than car salesmen by 4 percent – according to a new Gallup poll out Wednesday. In a poll ranking how Americans view the honesty and ethical standards of 21 professions, Congressmen were rated as having a “low/very low” ethical […]

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