Al Gore may become world’s first carbon billionaire

Former US Vice President Al Gore could become the world’s first carbon billionaire following his investments in green energy companies after anticipating the need to reinvent the way the world produces and consumes energy. Gore’s venture capital company has been investing to develop energy-saving technologies, which could make electricity grids more efficient. Last year, they […]

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CNN Waters Down the Israeli Response

CNN fails to provide any Israeli reaction to a flawed Amnesty report. Utilizing the “halo effect,” whereby because of their humanitarian focus, non-governmental organizations are insulated from scrutiny and are regarded as above reproach by the media, Amnesty International has published a report accusing Israel of denying Palestinians access to water supplies. Media outlets, including AP, AFP, Reuters, BBC, The Independent, Sky […]

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Iran Has Several Hidden Nuclear Facilities

Four International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors were due in Tehran Sunday, Oct. 25 for their prearranged visit to the newly-discovered uranium enrichment facility near Qom. Aside from that inspection, not much else is left of the Obama administration’s pursuit of engagement on Iran’s nuclear program. Saturday, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani threw out IAEA Director Mohamad […]

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$1.00 Homes and No Buyers!

STEVE RHODES The housing market is so bad you can’t even give away homes these days. Officials in suburban Barrington put three homes up for a sale at just a dollar a piece – a dollar! – and didn’t get a single bidder. A dollar! Let’s review: For less than the price of a CTA […]

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