Trust the Palestinian Authority?

by Daniel Pipes National Review Online July 6, 2010 Under Yasir Arafat, the Palestine Liberation Organization notoriously said one thing to Arab/Muslim audiences and the opposite to Israeli/Western ones, speaking venomously to the former and in dulcet tones to the latter. What about Arafat’s mild-mannered successor, Mahmoud Abbas? Did he break from this pattern of […]

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America is sinking under Obama’s towering debt

I hope the White House is paying attention to the latest annual Congressional Budget Office Long-Term Budget Outlook, which offers a truly frightening picture of the scale of America’s national debt, with huge implications for the country’s future prosperity. According to the non-partisan CBO, “the federal government has been recording the largest budget deficits, as […]

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Message to Bibi: ‘A Promise is a Promise’

by Maayana Miskin As Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu prepares to meet with United States President Barack Obama, the Judea and Samaria (Yesha) Council is taking steps to “remind” the prime minister of his commitment to end the Judea and Samaria building freeze in September. The “A Promise is a Promise” campaign has put up billboards […]

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The European June: Riots, Stonings, and Brawls

by David J. Rusin •  Jun 30, 2010 at 3:02 pm Islamists’ long march through the West involves three interlocking campaigns, each of which can be advanced violently or nonviolently: provoking conflicts with authorities (governments, courts, police, etc.), intimidating the non-Muslim public, and bullying insufficiently radical Muslims. All three facets were on display in Europe […]

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