Rocket Attacks Toward Israel

As of October 7, 2010 there have been 165 rockets fired at Israel this year, including a Qassam rocket which was fired October 6th and a mortar launched on Friday (October 1st) from Gaza which landed in the Eshkol Regional Council. The monthly breakdown for 2010 is as follows:  2010 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Qassam 16 6 […]

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MSM, Stone Throwers Collude and Collide In Silwan

How did so many photographers happen to be in the right place at the time? Press photographers showed their true colors on Friday, colluding with Palestinian rock-throwers in Silwan. The results: Photographers walked away with graphic photos and video footage. Imran Mansur, age 11, was left with a broken leg; Israel was smeared as the images rapidly hit the […]

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Obama Policy Jeopardized Terror Trial

A judge barred the star prosecution witness from testifying in the first civilian trial of an ex-Guantanamo inmate, in a blow to US President Barack Obama’s plans to bring terror suspects to justice. The dramatic decision by Judge Lewis Kaplan forced a week’s delay in the trial of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, who is accused of […]

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Sharia Law’s Threat to Free Speech

An organized effort is underway worldwide orchestrated by a powerful Islamic political body to criminalize speech that “offends” Muslims. As much as that may sound like some fantastic conspiracy theory, these Muslim leaders broadcast their group’s every move on their website—yet America’s ruling elites refuse to listen. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is […]

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David Star Particles Discovered

A new type of nanoparticle resembling the six-pointed Star of David (Magen David), a centuries-old Jewish symbol, has been discovered by researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The discovery of the tiny particle, the researchers say, may lead to new ways for sensing glucose in diagnosing diabetes and provide a catalyst to capture the […]

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CIA Kills German Terrorists in Pakistan

by Elad Benari Eight militants of German nationality were killed in northwest Pakistan by a suspected United States drone strike on Monday, Pakistani intelligence officials told Reuters. The eight were killed after two missiles from a suspected CIA pilotless aircraft struck a mosque in the town of Mirali. The officials said that the militants were […]

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