30,543 Reasons Spending Is Out of Control

June 3, 2010 | By Amanda J. Reinecker Washington will spend $30,543 per household in 2010—an increase of $5,000 per household in just two years. Federal spending and deficits are increasing at levels unseen since World War II. And though President Obama has done little to quell the spending surge — in fact, his budget only accelerates […]

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Turkey May Provide Military Escort to Next Ship

Five planes flew out of Israel Wednesday night, June 2, carrying hundreds of foreign passengers and nine bodies from the Turkish-led flotilla Israeli commandos raided and prevented from breaking the Gaza blockade two days ago. After surrendering to Turkey’s ultimatum to release all the passengers, including the seven members of Islamist terrorist groups who assaulted […]

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Pipes: Flotilla Raid a War for World’s Future

JERUSALEM, Israel — Israeli officials have identified many of the protestors who took part in the Gaza freedom flotilla as Islamic radicals. Some see Monday’s bloody confrontation less as a botched Israeli commando raid, but one more attempt to destroy the Jewish State. Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum and an expert on […]

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CAIR Instructs the Police about Islam

by Daniel Pipes June 3, 2010 The Council on American-Islamic Relations aspires to guide public policy toward Muslims and toward this end has published a 127-page PDF document for a seminar, “Islam and Muslims: What Law Enforcement Should Know.” How effective is it? As usual with CAIR, it contains its share of eyebrow-raising assertions. Some […]

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Romanoff Cracks: Secret White House Jobsgate E-Mail Revealed

By Jeffrey Lord In a revelation that will send shock waves through the American political landscape, the Denver Post last night revealed that Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff has now reluctantly admitted he discussed “three possible jobs with the deputy chief of staff of the Obama administration — all contingent upon a decision by Romanoff […]

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European Immigrants in Marrakech

by Daniel Pipes May 24, 2010  updated May 29, 2010 Here’s a man-bites-dog story, about 8,000 foreigners, mostly Europeans, moving to a city in Dar al-Islam. Amsterdam’s De Volkskrant ran the story by Greta Riemersma under the revealing title, “Has Marrakech sold out to Europe?” Excerpts:  Most of them are entrepreneurs or pensioners who come […]

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