Iranian Nuclear Plant is Powering Up

The first Iranian nuclear power plant is powering up and will be able to provide electricity to the nation’s cities by next month, according to Vice President Ali Akba Salehi. The Iranian leader was quoted by the semi-official Fars news service as saying the 1,000-megawatt light-water nuclear reactor built by Russia in Bushehr has been […]

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It Is NOT a Tax Cut

The “Bush Era Tax Cuts” are no longer “Tax Cuts.” In 2001 and 2003, the Congress approved a reduction in tax rates to spur the economy. The deal was, they would expire at the end of 2010 unless they were affirmatively extended. Let’s go to the calendar: 2001 was nearly 10 years ago. 2003 was […]

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‘Do it for Dmitry’ Is Poor Policy

In his latest Los Angeles Times article, Doyle McManus identifies President Obama’s attempts to sell New START, the nuclear arms reduction treaty between the U.S. and Russia, to the Republicans in the Senate as “increasingly desperate.” Indeed, the Administration’s arguments for ratifying the treaty have evolved from claiming that the accord is a modest treaty […]

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The Importance of Ryan-Rivlin

The political ground has been shifting rapidly ever since the American people delivered a vote of no confidence on the current direction of public policy when they went to the polls earlier this month. Nowhere is that shift more evident than in the recent release of a bipartisan plan to dramatically reform the nation’s health […]

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Car Bombs in Iran Kill Nuclear Scientist

Two explosions in Tehran Monday morning killed one nuclear scientist and seriously wounded another. Both were university lecturers and worked on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.  Both men, and their wives, who also were wounded, were attacked shortly before 8 a.m. as they drove to work. Iranian media said that the assassinations were carried out […]

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Federal Regulations and Small Towns

When unemployment is reaching heights we have not seen in years, and cities are on the brink of bankruptcy, what is the Obama administration focused on? Street signs. Not the broken ones that need to be replaced, but all of them, even if they are brand new. The reason? Most of them are written in […]

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