IAEA secret report: Iran worked on nuclear warhead

The urgency of dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat was underscored today when a leaked report revealed that the UN inspection agency believes the Islamic republic has “sufficient information” to make a nuclear weapon and has “probably tested” a key component. A day after Barack Obama scrapped plans to deploy missile defence technology in eastern […]

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Ahmadinejad doubts veracity of the Holocaust

Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) — Tens of thousands of Iranian opposition supporters protested the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he again attacked Israel at the annual state-organized Quds Day rally honoring the Palestinian cause. Rally participants marched toward downtown Tehran, converging on Enghelab Avenue, near the site of the capital’s weekly Friday prayers where Ahmadinejad […]

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Obama under fire for U-turn on missiles

Barack Obama’s decision to scrap Bush-era plans for a missile defence shield on Thursday triggered dismay in central Europe and among Republicans on Capitol Hill, amid claims that it amounted to a major security concession to Russia. Unveiling one of the biggest reversals on national security since coming to office, the US president said that […]

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