Attempted Bombing Over Denver?

Posted by Erick Erickson Updated: As the night goes on speculation has moved to the guy smoking on the plane and being a jerk – joking about lighting his shoe. No explosives residue has been found. ————– Today, the White House leaked that it was ditching the phrase ‘radical Islam’ from government language. Though details […]

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Next to burst: The Government Bubble.

The Fed’s Last Hurrah By Peter Schiff During the 1990s, inflationary Federal Reserve policy fueled a tech stock bubble. When that bubble burst, the Fed inflated a larger one in real estate. Now that the real estate bubble has burst, the Fed is inflating the biggest bubble of them all – a bubble in government. […]

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Obama’s new tax on…Rainwater!?

Would President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency really force Americans to pay a tax on “rainwater runoff” from homes and small businesses? You bet they would.  In fact, the EPA, under radical environmentalist Lisa Jackson, is proposing regulations to do just that.  Take a look at the EPA’s own Federal Register filing, where the EPA generally describes the initiative it’s […]

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The Illogic of Campus Watch’s Critics

by Cinnamon Stillwell  •  Apr 6, 2010 at 4:26 pm Teaching Middle Eastern Affairs is certainly more problematic than other regions. Due to the geopolitical realities of the ME, it is more politicized as an academic subject than any other region. As a result, academics dealing with the Middle East have the tendency to espouse […]

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Iranian Nuclear Scientist Defected to US

U.S. officials have confirmed that a top Iranian nuclear scientist has defected to the United States. The nuclear physicist, Shahram Amirit, disappeared last summer three days after he arrived in Saudi Arabia on a religious pilgrimage. Officials confirmed Wednesday that he defected to the United States in a covert CIA operation, leaving behind his wife […]

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When Israel Stood Up to Washington

by Daniel Pipes April 6, 2010 As U.S.-Israel tensions climb to unfamiliar heights, they recall a prior round of tensions nearly thirty years ago, when Menachem Begin and Ronald Reagan were in charge. In contrast to Binyamin Netanyahu’s repeated apologies, Begin adopted a quite different approach. The sequence of events started with a statement […]

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