The Fight for the Filibuster

When does a day last three weeks? When Senate Democrats want to rewrite the rules of the Senate to make it easier for the Majority Leader to end debate and block the amendment process. This Wednesday, the United States Senate is set to meet for its first “legislative day” of the new Congress, and a […]

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To Support and Defend: Understanding the Oath of Office

This Wednesday, all 435 Members of the House of Representatives and the 33 incoming Senators will perform a constitutional rite that harkens back to the country’s founding. “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned,” reads Article VI of the Constitution, “shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution.” The Members of Congress will […]

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Former Oil Exec Predicts $5-a-Gallon Gas by 2012

The former president of Shell oil is predicting that the United States will face 1970s-style energy shortages and rationing by the end of the decade, accusing the federal government of turning its back on the country’s domestic oil supply. The dire prediction comes as energy analysts toss out a string of frightening predictions about the […]

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Dichter: No Arab ‘Return,’ Erekat Will Swallow his Words

MK Avi Dichter, former Minister of Internal Security, spoke to Arutz Sheva‘s Hebrew-language news service Sunday regarding negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. The discussion focused on senior PA negotiator Saeb Erekat, who recently told the British daily The Guardian that Israel must recognize the Arab “right of return” if it wants peace. According to Erekat, […]

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No Bailouts for Government Unions

New York City’s Department of Investigation (DOI) announced Friday that it is looking into reports that some Sanitation Department supervisors told workers to slow their snow removal efforts as a protest against budget cuts. DOI spokeswoman Diane Struzzi told Businessweek: “What we are looking at is whether there was intentional misconduct relating to the snow […]

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Hating Ourselves to Death

Elizabeth Scalia– A few years ago I had occasion to spend a few days in Vienna. The beautiful city of museums and music remains a favorite but a forlorn one; its charming avenues and architecture and nightly concerts could not fully distract from the sleepy sense of diminishment that hung over the city, like the […]

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