Muslim Immigrants riot in Milan & Podova after Egyptian killed

MILAN ( – Dozens of Muslim immigrants from North Africa rioted during the night in a multi-ethnic district of Milan, smashing shop windows and overturning cars to protest at the knifing death of an Egyptian, Italian police said on Sunday. It was the second episode of violence involving Muslim immigrants this year, after clashes in […]

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Iran Announces It Is ‘Nuclear State’

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that Iran has produced its first highly enriched uranium, a day after he said that Israel must be finished off “once and for all.” Ahmadinejad announced Thursday the successful production of Iran’s first package of highly enriched uranium, two days after he ordered the processing to begin. The president of […]

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History as Propaganda

by Brendan Goldman FrontPage Magazine February 11, 2010 “This is not an Israeli-Palestinian debate,” Stanley Cohen, the director of the Scone Foundation, said. “It is [a conference] to honor the archivist profession.” Cohen’s statement was half true: the event was not a “debate,” but only because there were no dissenting opinions to challenge keynote speaker […]

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