DNC Admits Barack Obama WAS Collecting Information on People Via [email protected]

Found at Redstate.com (http://www.redstate.com/erick/2009/08/20/dnc-admits-barack-obama-was-collecting-information-on-people-via-flagwhitehousegov/): — Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile) Thursday, August 20th at 1:25PM EDT Greg Sargent, doing his part as a mouthpiece for the online left, is trying his best to deflect concerns over [email protected], but in the process reveals that Democrats are now admitting the White House collected data on individuals from […]

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MSNBC Misreports the News

Found at Redstate.com (http://www.redstate.com/moe_lane/2009/08/19/i-think-msnbc-is-trying-to-get-the-president-shot-at/): — Posted by Moe Lane (Profile) Wednesday, August 19th at 9:26PM EDT (H/T Ace of Spades, NewsBusters, & Hot Air) I’m aware that’s kind of an inflammatory statement, but hear me out. OK, remember last weekend, when there were a bunch of reports of armed people at the Arizona town hall? […]

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White House Creating Enemies List of Those That Oppose Their Health Care Plan

From American Future Fund Political Action (verified the request to report fellow Americans from White House blog at whitehouse.gov): What images arise when you think of a government constructing a list of people who disagree with its decisions? What would you think if you knew it was occurring within our own White House? In a shocking new development, […]

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