Western Female Islamic bombers to target US

Americans at risk from Obama’s “Diversity” policies. thelastcrusade–Al-Qaeda training female suicide bombers who may not look Arab, carry Western passport WASHINGTON – Al-Qaeda is training female suicide bombers in Yemen, including at least two who do not look Arab and carry Western passports, ABC reported. According the report, the current threat is tangible but the […]

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Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker faces hate speech trial

AMSTERDAM – Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders sat in the defendant’s dock Wednesday, nodding his head as prosecutors read aloud a hundred remarks he has made condemning Islam, Muslims and immigrants — notably one comparing the Quran to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.” Wilders’ criminal trial for allegedly inciting hate against Muslims has resonance across Europe: He is […]

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Pelosi: House Lacks Votes for Health Care Bill

WASHINGTON – Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she lacks the votes to quickly move the Senate’s sweeping health overhaul bill through the House, a potentially devastating blow to President Barack Obama’s signature issue. Pelosi, D-Calif., made the comment to reporters after House Democrats held a closed-door meeting at which participants vented frustration with the […]

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BBC: Denying Jewish Jerusalem

The BBC’s flagship documentary distorts Jewish history and rights to Jerusalem while promoting a one-sided and biased agenda. On 18 January, the BBC’s flagship documentary program, Panorama, focused on tensions in the area of eastern Jerusalem adjacent to the Old City. Any pretence at balance is thrown out of the window as reporter Jane Corbin makes […]

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Tariq Ramadan Gives Up – Then Tries Again

by Daniel Pipes The Swiss Islamist Tariq Ramadan was about to take up a position at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana in 2004 when the U.S. government prevented him from entering the country on the grounds that he had funded two Hamas-related groups. For five years, his exclusion has been debated and tried. […]

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