IDF to ‘Kidnap’ Soldiers Once a Month

A month after abducted soldier Gilad Shalit was released and amid fears that terrorists are planning further kidnappings, the IDF is planning to increase the frequency of its exercises and stage the kidnapping of a soldier once a month. According to a report on the IDF website on Tuesday, the monthly “kidnapping exercises” will begin […]

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Yemen’s Saleh Resigns

Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh resigned Wednesday as president after almost 10 months of protests calling for him to quit, AFP reported. Saleh has ruled the fractious desert country for three decades. He was badly wounded by a bombing at a mosque in the presidential palace in June, but returned home after three months of treatment […]

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Slideshow from the Presidential Debate

The spirited CNN debate hosted by The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute provided a fantastic opportunity for Americans to hear from the presidential candidates about critical national security and foreign policy issues. We have put together a Flickr gallery of photos from before, during, and after the debate for you to browse. Take […]

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Muslims Use “Taqiyya” to Deceive Non-Muslims About Islam; Lying Permitted (Commanded) in Islam

The Arabic word Taqiyya means “deceit” or “dissimulation.” Unlike the Christian or Jewish religions, Islam not only permits its believers to lie but actually commands it in some circumstances. For the most part, Muslims are not supposed to lie to one another; but, exceptions are made for smoothing over differences between friends (“He who makes […]

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Arabist Snobs

by Daniel Pipes National Review Online November 22, 2011 Is knowledge of Arabic necessary to write about Arabs or make policy toward them? Yes, sniff some of those who have learned the language, known as Arabists. Antony T. Sullivan, for example, pulls rank in the journal Historically Speaking. Critiquing an article, “The Military Roots of […]

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China: U.S Sitting on Debt ‘Bomb’

China’s state media Tuesday blasted the United States over its “ticking debt bomb” and urged American lawmakers to be more responsible after they failed to agree on deficit-cutting measures. China is the world’s largest foreign holder of US Treasuries with a portfolio of around $1.15 trillion, prompting Beijing’s keen interest in the state of the US […]

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