LA Times: Settlements Provoke Baby Killing

LA Times: Settlements Provoke Baby Killing The inhuman act of slitting the throats of a three-month old baby, two small children and their parents defies any understanding or justification for any political cause. But not for the LA Times, which contends that the brutal murder of the Fogel family are part of an ongoing “cycle […]

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The “Untouchable” $23.6 Billion

Untouchable.  That’s the treatment being given to the $23.6 billion being spent right now to implement Obamacare. This $23.6 billion is part of the $105.5 billion appropriated by the last Congress to fund Obamacare.  The remainder (Think of it as post-dated checks for the other $81.9 billion.) automatically becomes available between now and FY2019. None […]

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Japan Abandons Nuke Plant

A spike in radiation levels at Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear plant has forced workers to abandon their operation, a government spokesman says. He was speaking after smoke was seen rising from reactor three. Earlier, a blaze struck reactor four for the second time in two days On Wednesday, Japanese Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said at […]

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Abbas Wins Symbolic Victory in Britain: Palestinian Authority Now a Mission

Britain told visiting Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas that it is upgrading the status of the PA from a “delegation” to a “mission” in London, easing visa requirements but not granting diplomatic immunity. The mainly symbolic change is another diplomatic plum for the globe-trotting Abbas, who flew to London on Monday to win international recognition of […]

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