Prosor: Important to ‘Name and Shame’ Delegitimizers of Israel (Video)

Ambassador Ron Prosor, who serves as the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the UK, spoke at the Herzliya Conference this week, during a panel entitled “On Criticism and Prejudice: The Arab-Israeli Conflict and the Assault on Israel’s Legitimacy.” [youtube GM2n4OFeI3Y nolink] In his talk, Prosor sarcastically referred to the  “absurdities” against Israel that […]

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Are Centrist Democrats an Endangered Species?

Political fashions may enjoy slightly more longevity than clothing fashions but they too are evanescent. During the 1990s, “3rd Way politics” was the rage and its most successful practitioners were President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Tony Blair. The recent decision by the Democratic Leadership Council to close shop together with the disappearance of Blair’s […]

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Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour: The Israelis Are Our Friends and Allies (Video)

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, who was visiting Israel, made a speech at the Herzliya Conference. Barbour noted his visit to the Leviathan natural gas field, located off the coast of Haifa. He called the field “a marvelous feat of engineering, science and technology,” and compared the discovery of Israel’s natural gas reserves as well as […]

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The Geneva Accord of Cyberwarfare

The international community should create a modern equivalent of the Geneva Convention to govern cyberwarfare, according to a joint report by United States and Russian experts. The report was presented by the EastWest Institute at the Munich Security Conference. The EastWest proposal includes suggestions to designate “protected zones” online, and to reword some rules of […]

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Bloody Day in Libya but Bahrain Permits Retaking of Main Square; Blow to War on Terrorism

The mass protests sweeping the Arab world continued Saturday with demonstrations in Yemen, Libya and Bahrain. In the latter two countries thousands took to the streets to mourn protesters killed in clashes with police earlier in the week. In Bahrain, crown prince Salman kept the military out of  the Pearl Roundabout in the capital city of Manama, […]

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Video of Muslim Attack on Synagogue in Tunisia; Raises Fears for Tunisian Jews

Tunisian Jews have raised concerns for their community’s safety following an anti-Jewish rally outside the country’s main synagogue. Jewish leader Roger Bismuth met this week with interim Prime Minister Mohammed Ghanoucci and requested better security. [youtube zQHdxYDTH_Y nolink] Dozens of Islamists demonstrated outside the synagogue last Friday and shouted, “Jews wait, the army of Mohammed […]

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