FBI Director “Isn’t Sure” Whether Americans Can Be Assassinated On U.S. Soil?

The Treason Clause of the U.S. Constitution specifically delineates what process should be taken when dealing with American citizens who are accused of becoming enemy combatants against their own country. This clause does NOT allow the federal government to assassinate them under any pretense whatsoever. What it does allow for, is due process, the requirement […]

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Obama Criminalizing Protest In America

US President Barack Obama signed his name to H.R. 347 on Thursday, officially making it a federal offense to cause a disturbance at certain political events — essentially criminalizing protest in the States. [youtube 7SGWH3kirzg nolink] We broke the news last month that H.R. 347, the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, […]

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The Bitter Fruit of Libya’s “Arab Spring”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Libyan Prime Minister Abdurrahim el-Keib yesterday and expressed optimism about Libya’s future. But Libya faces major problems in making the difficult transition to a stable democracy. Libya’s “Arab Spring,” which appeared to have a bright future after the fall of Muammar Qadhafi’s dictatorship last year, has lost considerable […]

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House Oversight Hearing Shines Light on Food-Stamp Fraud

Food-stamp fraud and the government’s failed attempts to stop it were the focus of a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing yesterday. Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) called the hearing in response to a Scripps Howard News Service investigative report exposing widespread abuse. The investigation revealed that retailers who lost authorization to accept food stamps […]

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Activist Who Calls Abortion a ‘Blessing’ Tells Congress She Would Break the Law to Help Minors Cross State Lines to End Pregnancies

(CNSNews.com) – Were Congress to outlaw the transporting of a minor without her parents’ permission across state lines to get an abortion, an abortion- and gay-rights activist testifying on Capitol Hill Thursday she would break the law to continue to help girls end their pregnancies. Appearing as a Democratic Party witness at a hearing of […]

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