Mosque Erected on Christian Cemetery

A cleric of hard-line Muslims has constructed a mosque on a Christian cemetery in Pakistan. Muslims in Sargodha, Pakistan, were led by a hard-line cleric to construct the mosque at that particular location. It was originally believed the workers were building an addition to the already existing mosque, but the group has been desecrating Christians’ […]

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The stories of Greek unrest that came to a head this past summer shocked the world. There, people had become so dependent upon government programs that when parliament tried to dismantle the welfare state, left-wing terrorist and anarchist groups lashed out. One “radical leftist group” called Revolutionary Struggle is accused of shooting an Athens police officer […]

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They Proved the Point, Islam is Not Peace

When military commanders, politicians and religious leaders from around the world rush to microphones to condemn an obscure little preacher in Florida, because they fear that his non-violent act will unleash a worldwide frenzy of Muslim rage—They have proved the preacher’s point, that Islam is a violent, anti-Christ religion, and that it is the teaching […]

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A small bank in Chicago called SHORE BANK almost went bankrupt during the recession. The bank made a profit on its foreign micro-loans (see below) but had lost money in sub-prime mortgages in the US. It was facing likely closure by federal regulators. However, because the bank’s executives were well connected with members of the […]

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Holy Book Burnings Spark Hypocrisy

A pro-family organization says it’s hypocritical for high-ranking officials in the Government to condemn a Florida church’s plans to burn Qu’rans when Muslims groups have burned Bibles on numerous occasions. Father Musalam a Christian in Priest in Gaza pleaded to the world in 2007 that the Muslim gunmen used rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) to blow through […]

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Small Business Under Attack

Every day, federal, state and local governments stifle small businesses to privilege well-connected incumbent companies. It’s a system of protectionism for influential insiders who don’t want competition. Every locality has its share of business moguls who are cozy with politicians. Together, they use the power of government to keep competition down and prices high. The […]

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